10 Creative Ways to Give Money Gifts

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Everyone loves receiving gifts, but what happens when we’re gifted with stuff we don’t like or have no use for. Well, it either sits and collects dust or is regifted to someone else.

This is the very reason gift cards and cash are so popular as gifts. I know I love receiving cash gifts!

But giving someone a gift card or cash in an envelope sometimes just feels… oh so boring.

Why not tap into your creative juices and turn your cash gift-giving into a memorable moment? This post will go over 10 creative ways to give money gifts for the next time you choose to do so.

Kleenex Box Money Dispenser

“Be sure not to blow it all in one place!” *Cue dad snickering at own dad joke*

A Kleenex box money dispenser is super creative, easy to make, and takes very little time to put together.

Here are some instructions on how to make one:

  1. Find an empty Kleenex box to use as your money dispenser.
  2. Get together a bunch of bills and attach each bill to the next with a small piece of tape in a linear fashion.
  3. Roll up the money carefully and place inside the box. Make sure to place the tip of the very last bill securely in the slot so it can be pulled out, just like tissue.

When the money is pulled out of the slot, each bill can be easily removed from the next by removing the small piece of tape. You’ll want to emulate as best as you can the way Kleenex is dispensed from the box.

To make this cash gift idea even more creative, go ahead and decorate the Kleenex box however you’d like. If you’re itching for a dad joke to deploy, go ahead and write the phrase, “don’t blow it all in one place!

Money Tree

The Pachira Aquatica is a plant that is commonly known as a money tree, and it’s a popularly gifted plant that is often given for good luck and prosperity. This plant is easy to take care of and can be kept indoors.

Taking from this idea of a money tree, what if you gifted someone a faux tree that was actually made up of real money? Like, instead of leaves, there were dollar bills on it?

Plus, it’d be a lot easier to take care of. No watering would be necessary.

Here are instructions on how to make one:

  1. Find an empty plant pot and fill it with a burlap, otherwise known as a potato sack. Use this to mimic plant soil.
  2. Create a stem by repurposing a branch that can be found outside. Alternatively, you can use a piece of wood or plastic to imitate this.
  3. Decorate your makeshift branch with bills of any denomination of your choice.

If you want this money tree to appear fuller, you can either choose to use smaller denominations such as one-dollar bills to fluff up more leaves, or you can decide to use a smaller stem with smaller branches which allows you to use fewer bills for the same effect.

Box of Doughnuts

Bringing a box of doughnuts to a party or special event is a thoughtful gesture that many people already do. But you can also use it as a cover for an actual money gift.

Be as creative as you want with this gift idea.

To make one, grab an empty doughnut box or ask for one from your local donut shop. When you add in the dollar bills, you will want to ensure they’re rolled up in a way that mimics the shape of doughnuts. Secure them in place by using small pieces of tape.

A great message to write on the underside of the lid would be:

  • A box of doughnuts for someone who is nuts over dough.


This is an excellent and creative way to present cash as a gift for children. Children love play-doh just as much as they love receiving a crisp $10 bill that they can add to their piggy bank.

To make this gift, find a few play-doh containers and remove the filling so you can replace it with money instead.

If you want to leave a message, you can add one on each lid. Here are a few ideas:

  • Everyone needs a little extra play money.
  • I thought you could use a little extra “doh.”

Additionally, this is an excellent way to start a piggy bank habit for kids. To do so, slice a hole on the lid that is long and wide enough to slide cash through.

How’s that for a multi-purpose gift?

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Cash Pinata

Birthday pinatas are traditionally filled with candy for the birthday kid to break open.

When kids see a pinata, they automatically know what’s up. They can’t wait to get their chance at taking a whack at it and indulging in their favorite candy.

You can take this opportunity to be creative with your child’s birthday if you intend to give them some money as a gift. If you don’t like the idea of filling it solely with money, you can always add little bags of money here and there hidden among the candy.

Adults sure like to hit things with a bat too, bring a cash pinata next time you go to a party and it is sure to be a hit! (pun intended)

Get as creative as you want with your cash pinata.

Cash Balloons

Balloons are almost always used at parties as a backdrop complement and quickly go to waste at night’s end.

If you’re setting up for or attending someone’s party, why not add a bit more purpose to a few of those balloons.

If you’re wondering how to insert money into a balloon, we’ve got you. It’s quick and easy.

Before you inflate the balloon, roll up your bills and carefully slip them through the neck opening. If you prefer to disguise your gift, you could always use solid color balloons, making it difficult for anyone to notice that there is money inside.

When it’s time to give your gift, hand over the balloons and let them figure out why you would offer such a thing. If they can’t figure it out, tell them to go ahead and pop it. They’ll be happily showered with the money inside.

Box of Cashews

Opening a box of cashews as a gift certainly won’t garner the “I love it!” or “How did you know I wanted this?!” response.

But when they open the lid to snack on a few pieces while they ponder your strange gift, they’ll be pleasantly surprised with rolls of cash.

The best way to present this gift is to not be creative at all. Leave the outer packaging as it is so it doesn’t give away the fact that there could be something other than cashews inside the tub.

The goal is to keep them curious until the very end. You can add a message on the card in order to add a bit of humor. Try going with something like this:

  • Here is a little cash(ew) for you!

Money Bag

Giving someone a new handbag or purse is a common gift, and often very well received. This idea will work best if you plan to give cash in addition.

Before you wrap the present, make sure to add cash inside the handbag or purse. It’s probably best to put the cash in a pocket where they can easily find it later on.

If the gift comes with a card, leave a message that instructs them to look inside the pockets of the bag. If you plan to add a wallet as part of the gift, it’s always a good idea to place the money directly inside where it should be.

Money Pizza For Pizza Lovers

If someone you know is an avid pizza lover and you don’t know what to buy them as a gift, this idea’s perfect for them.

When you’re at the next celebration and expected to bring a gift, offer to bring some pizza as well so you don’t give away the surprise.

Prepare your money gift by getting a separate empty pizza box to prepare for the presentation. At most pizza places, they’ll give this to you for free if you just ask for it.

When you’ve got your cash, lay it out in the pizza box in the shape of a pizza. You might want to place some loose coins on top of the bills to emulate pizza toppings. It also helps to keep the bills in place.

Be creative with the coin sizes and how they’re positioned. 

If you want to be extra creative, add a funny or heartfelt message to the roof of the box. Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Here is some dough for your pizza addiction.
  • The best part of pizza is the dough.

You might initially let your pizza-loving friend down when they find out that the boxes contain no pizza, but I’m sure they’ll lighten up when they see the cash.

Personalized Cash Box

This is an excellent idea if you want to give your child money as a gift to teach them about the importance of savings.

A personalized cash box isn’t always used as a money stasher. Since they come in all sorts of shapes and designs, they often make for the perfect bedroom decor.

Before wrapping the cash box, add some money to it to get your child started on their savings journey.

Final Thoughts

Giving money as a gift is often a great idea, but it doesn’t always have to be so boring.

The next time you decide to do so, put a bit more effort into it, make them feel like it wasn’t a last minute gift idea. Don’t be afraid to make it as fun and interesting as possible!

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