Blueface Net Worth [Star Of His Own Baby Mama Drama]

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Net Worth:$5 million
Profession/Career:Rapper, songwriter
YouTube Channel:Blueface (@bluefacebleedem)
College:Fayetteville State University (dropped out)
Full Name:Jonathan Michael Porter
Date of Birth:January 20, 1997
Place of Birth:Los Angeles, California
Height:6’ 3”

Who is Blueface?

Blueface, whose real name is Johnathan Michael Porter, is an American rapper and songwriter from Los Angeles, California. He gained widespread recognition for his song “Thotiana” which reached number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US in early 2019.

Before his music career took off, he was a promising football player in high school and briefly played in college. His stage name, Blueface, is a reference to the blue faces of Benjamin Franklin on $100 bills, a common motif in his lyrics.

Known for his unique rapping style characterized by off-beat flow and distinctive voice, Blueface quickly rose to prominence in the hip-hop scene. He often incorporates comedic elements into his music and videos, which have helped him amass a large following on social media platforms.

Since his rise to fame, Blueface has released several mixtapes and collaborated with various artists in the music industry. Some of his other popular songs include “Respect My Crypn,” “Bleed It,” and “Daddy” featuring Rich The Kid.

Blueface’s music has sparked debates and divided opinions among listeners, with some praising his unorthodox style and others criticizing it. Regardless, he remains an influential figure in contemporary hip-hop and continues to release new music and entertain his fanbase.

Blueface’s Net Worth

Blueface’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

He’s made almost all of his money through his music, with some brand endorsements on the side. The songs that have brought him the most revenue include:

  • “Thotiana”
  • “Bleed It”
  • “Daddy” (featuring Rich the Kid)
  • “Next Big Thing”
  • “Studio”
  • “Bussdown” (featuring Offset)
  • “Stop Cappin”
  • “Disrespectful”
  • “Dead Locs”

He has a YouTube channel with over 2.1 million followers. YouTube channels make between $3 to $5 per 1,000 views. Let’s take the midpoint of that at $4.

Blueface has had his channel since 2018 and currently has over 561 million views thus far. With that view count, he has made at least $2.2 million from YouTube ad revenue alone. Furthermore, he makes a cut of his other channel, BluefaceVEVO, which boasts multiple millions of additional views.

Blueface’s Early Life and Childhood

Blueface grew up in the neighborhood of Mid-City, specifically in the area known as the “Crip City” due to its affiliation with the Crip gang. Blueface’s upbringing was influenced by the street culture and gang activity that surrounded him.

During his childhood, Blueface played football and was considered a talented athlete. He attended multiple high schools, including Arleta High School and briefly attended Fayetteville State University on a football scholarship. However, he eventually dropped out to pursue a career in music.

Blueface’s interest in music developed at a young age. He initially started rapping as a hobby, but it gradually became more serious for him. Despite facing criticism for his unconventional offbeat rapping style, Blueface gained attention and began to build a following through social media platforms like Instagram and SoundCloud.

His breakthrough came in 2018 when he landed a record deal with Cash Money West, a subsidiary of Birdman’s Cash Money Records.

With the release of his single “Thotiana,” he went viral and gained significant popularity. The song itself landed on the Billboard Hot 100, and he later remixed the song twice, one with Cardi B and another with YG. These remixes helped him reach as high as number 8 on the charts.

Blueface’s Most Well-Known Mixtapes and EPs

Blueface has released several mixtapes and EPs that have gained attention and contributed to his rise in popularity. Some of his most well-known projects include:

  • “Famous Cryp” (2018): Blueface’s debut mixtape, which featured tracks like “Thotiana” that helped establish his buzz in the hip-hop scene.
  • “Two Coccy” (2018): A collaborative EP with fellow rapper D.Loc, featuring songs such as “2 Coccs” and “Blow Her Bacc.”
  • “Famous Cryp Reloaded” (2018): A re-release of Blueface’s debut mixtape with additional tracks, including the remix of “Thotiana” featuring Cardi B.
  • “Dirt Bag” (2019): Blueface’s second EP, which featured guest appearances from artists like Offset, Lil Pump, and The Game. Notable tracks include “Daddy” and “Bussin.”

Blueface’s Music Collaborations

Blueface has collaborated with several artists throughout his career. Here are some notable collaborations he has been involved in:

  • “Thotiana (Remix)” featuring Cardi B: Cardi B joined Blueface on the remix of his breakout hit “Thotiana,” which further propelled the song’s popularity.
  • “Thotiana (Remix)” featuring YG: In addition to the remix featuring Cardi B, Blueface released another remix of “Thotiana” featuring fellow West Coast rapper YG.
  • “Bussdown” featuring Offset: Blueface teamed up with Offset, one-third of the rap group Migos, for the track “Bussdown,” which was well-received by fans.
  • “Daddy” featuring Rich the Kid: Blueface and Rich the Kid joined forces for the song “Daddy,” which showcases their energetic and boastful rap styles.
  • “Bleed It (Remix)” featuring YG: YG, a fellow West Coast rapper, hopped on the remix of Blueface’s single “Bleed It,” adding his signature style to the track.
  • “Tour” featuring Asian Doll, GlokkNine, and NLE Choppa: Blueface collaborated with Asian Doll, GlokkNine, and NLE Choppa on the track “Tour,” which was included on his mixtape “Famous Cryp Reloaded.”
  • “Gang” featuring Mozzy: Blueface joined forces with fellow California rapper Mozzy for the song “Gang,” which showcases their shared experiences and street-oriented lyricism.
  • “First Class” featuring Gunna: Blueface and Gunna teamed up on the track “First Class,” which combines Blueface’s offbeat delivery with Gunna’s melodic style.
  • “Yea Yea” featuring DaBaby: Blueface collaborated with rapper DaBaby on the song “Yea Yea,” combining their energetic flows and charismatic presence.

Blueface’s Controversies

Blueface, the rapper known for his offbeat style and viral hits, has found himself embroiled in several controversies throughout his career. One notable point of contention has been his affiliation with the Crip gang, which he openly discusses in his lyrics and showcases through gang-related hand signs in his music videos. While some fans and observers have shown support for his authenticity, others have criticized his association with gang culture.

Another source of controversy surrounding Blueface is his unconventional rapping style. His offbeat delivery, characterized by a deliberate disregard for traditional rhythmic patterns, has divided opinions. While some listeners appreciate his unique approach and find it refreshing, others argue that his flow lacks rhythm and precision.

Blueface has also made headlines for his involvement in physical altercations. In November 2018, a video emerged showing him in a scuffle with a nightclub bouncer. This incident resulted in his arrest on charges of attempted robbery and possession of a loaded firearm. However, the charges were later dropped.

In addition, the rapper has had public disputes with his record label, Cash Money West. He has voiced his frustrations with the contract and financial arrangements, expressing a sense of feeling trapped. Blueface sought legal advice as he explored potential avenues to exit his contract.

Blueface’s Girlfriend

Blueface is currently dating his ex-girlfriend Jaidyn Alexis, with whom he has two children.

Blueface is also expecting a child with his current ex-girlfriend Chrisean Rock.

Inspirational Quotes by Blueface

“I always tell people to be yourself, stay true to yourself, and do what you feel is best for you.”

“Sometimes you gotta take risks and step outside of your comfort zone to get where you want to be.”

“I believe in putting in the work and staying consistent. Success doesn’t come overnight.”

“Don’t be afraid to stand out and be different. Embrace your uniqueness and let it shine.”

“Stay focused on your goals and don’t let distractions or negativity deter you from your path.”

“Hard work and perseverance are key. Keep grinding and never give up on your dreams.”

“Stay humble, stay hungry, and keep pushing forward. Success is a journey, not a destination.”

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