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How much money can you make by just driving your car around town? What if we told you $500, or even $1000 a month? Maybe even more… if you’re willing to turn the outside of your vehicle into a rolling advertisement.

If that sounds like an intriguing proposition, keep reading for a full review of Carvertise as a way to generate extra income.

What is Carvertise?

Carvertise is a marketing firm that lets you make money by having your car wrapped in an advertisement. In a nutshell, you turn your automobile into a rolling billboard by having it wrapped at a Carvertise-approved shop. What advertisement you get depends on which brands want to advertise with you based on your location and driving habits.

The idea makes a lot of sense at an intuitive level. Cars are extremely visible parts of modern life, and that alone makes them good candidates for advertisements. On top of that, cars move! I know, not exactly a revelation. But the mobility of cars gives them the potential to reach far larger audiences than static advertising tools like posters, signs, and billboards.

Get paid to advertise on your car with Carvertise

As I mentioned above, you make money with Carvertise by leasing out the exterior of your car to companies that are hoping to advertise in your area. Carvertise is essentially the middleman. They find companies that are interested in wrapping cars in advertisements and connect them with drivers who match their location and visibility requirements (more on that later).

If you’re accepted as a driver, Carvertise will contact you either by phone or by email if your profile is matched for an ad campaign. In this initial communication, you’ll receive all the campaign’s information including duration, the brand you’ll be advertising, the location of wrap installation, and how much you’ll be paid.

If you agree to the advertising campaign, you’ll be directed to a store near you where the wrap will be installed. Carvertise has authorized partners that can install and remove wraps. These are the only locations where you should have the wrap installed and removed. If you remove the wrap with a non-partnered shop, any damage incurred because of the removal will not be covered by Carvertise. Once the wrap is installed, all you must do is drive your car like usual.

What do the wraps look like?

What your car will look like when wrapped completely depends on the brand or company being advertised. Some wraps are fairly boring:

Others… not so much:

Yes, for this Petco campaign, ‘Carvertisers’ were asked to wrap their cars in a soft, furry exterior. Something as bizarre as the #FURCAR is definitely not for everyone. Luckily, most campaigns fall somewhere in the middle of the boring-bizarre spectrum, and all are family-friendly.

Can I advertise on my Uber or Lyft car?

There are no issues in making money off Carvertise car wrap advertising while driving for various companies such as Uber, UberEats, DoorDash, GrubHub, etc. They are two separate business models and don’t necessarily conflict with one another.

If you have the time, doubling up on making money using your car would be a great idea, since these services allow you to set your own schedule.

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How much does Carvertise pay?

The amount you make from Carvertise will largely be determined by the ad campaign you choose and your driving habits. There are campaigns that pay more, and there are campaigns that pay less.

Additionally, the supply of advertising will be determined by your location. Because this sort of earning opportunity is available on any platform that provides it, location is once again the most significant factor. If you reside in a large city, there’s a good chance that there are several ad campaigns to choose from.

Most campaigns pay around $100 per month. Other campaigns pay more. Carvertise states that you can make up to $300 every month.

Carvertise campaigns generally run between 1 and 6 months depending on what the company specifies. That means that Carvertise drivers can expect to take home between $100 and $1,800 per campaign. Not bad for driving a route you likely would’ve driven anyways.

How does Carvertise pay you?

Carvertise pays drivers every month over the duration of the campaign they accept. These payments are made through direct transfers into whatever bank account you provide when accepting the campaign. People report that Carvertise payments are punctual, usually arriving a week after the month has ended.

Is Carvertise legit?

Carvertise is a legitimate company—it’s not a scam.

And that’s quite rare in this niche. We say that because there are quite a few companies that come and go, and they always seem to have some sort of shady background or history.

There have been some scams reported relating to Carvertise, but not from the company itself. What usually happens is that when someone signs up for Carvertise and does a job, a scammer will then send a fake earnings check to that person to deposit. When the check is deposited, it will eventually be discovered as fraud and the credit will be reversed. The bank then can go after you, holding you liable for the amount of the check and bounce fees to boot.

You can avoid this scam by never cashing in any check that claims to be from Carvertise or any of its employees. Carvertise earnings should be directly deposited into your bank account. If you do ever get a check, hold on to it and report it to your local police department so that they have a record of it in their system.

Also, never pay out of your own pocket for the car wrapping job itself. This should be paid for in full by Carvertise and Carvertise alone.

Carvertise competitors

To be honest, your options are quite sparse in this industry if you’re looking to wrap your vehicle and get paid to advertise on your car. As mentioned above, many companies seem to come and go in this industry, and the majority of them indulge in shady practices.

If you’re interested in making money in this way, we can only wholeheartedly recommend two companies:

  • Carvertise
  • Wrapify

We recommend staying away from other companies claiming to wrap your car with an advertisement and paying you to drive around.

As time goes on, we’ll see which other companies turn out to be legit, and we’ll be more than happy to add on to our list of true Carvertise and Wrapify competitors.

Wrapify vs. Carvertise: Which is better?

The experience with both of these companies tends to be quite positive. There isn’t any particularly glaring flaw with either company. It may be relevant to note that Carvertise is a slightly more veteran company as it was founded in 2012, whereas Wrapify is a newer company founded in 2015.

If we had to choose between the two though, we’d probably recommend Wrapify over Carvertise for a couple of reasons:

  • With Wrapify, you get the chance to earn extra income with its Swarms program
  • With Wrapify, the user app experience is superior and the reviews are better

Carvertise vs. Wrapify app reviews

Since these companies are largely app-based, the app experience matters a lot to users.

In this regard, Wrapify takes the cake as it has over 900 ratings with an average of 3.8/5 stars on the Apple App Store. On the other hand, Carvertise has about 100 ratings with an average of 2.5/5 stars on the Apple App Store.

That’s quite the difference in app ratings.

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Carvertise car requirements

Carvertise has two main car requirements to participate:

  • Vehicle must be manufactured after 2009
  • It must have factory paint and no visible damage

The idea is that Carvertise wants your car to at least look well-kept and appealing to consumers who’ll be seeing the advertisements on your car. There really aren’t that many requirements for the car itself. See below for driver requirements.

How to start earning with Carvertise

With all the background information out of the way, let’s do a deep dive into the process of signing up, driving, and earning with Carvertise.

Step One: Meet Requirements

Not everyone will be eligible to drive with Carvertise. Its business model relies on finding drivers who will generate ROI for their clients, and that means they need to be a bit picky.

Carvertise drivers must:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Have a clean driving record
  • Drive at least 30 miles per day

These requirements are all ‘musts’ if you want to make money with Carvertise. Failure to report any requirements you don’t meet may result in your account being terminated.

Step Two: Sign-Up

Signing up for Carvertise is a quick and painless process. You’ll be asked for information in four areas:

  • Contact Information: Just the basics (name, email, and phone number).
  • Vehicle Information: Here, you’ll provide information about the vehicle you drive. Carvertise will ask for the make and model along with more specific information like the year, color, and condition.
  • Location and Driving Information: You’ll be asked to provide information about the geographical area where you live and drive (note: living in a city is an unofficial requirement). Carvertise will also ask you to write a short description of your driving habits and provide an estimate for the number of miles you drive a day.
  • Gig Information: Finally, Carvertise may ask you whether you ever take gigs with driving services like Uber, Uber Eats, Lyft, Deliveroo, etc. Gig drivers usually put in a lot of miles, and that makes them great candidates for car wrapping.

Once you’ve shared all this information, all that’s left to do is wait!

Step Three: Accept a Campaign

Once you’ve been accepted, Carvertise will begin matching you with campaigns based on what companies are looking to advertise in your city. This can take some time as drivers who put in more daily miles are given priority in the matching process. Still, there are plenty of campaigns to go around and you’ll likely be matched eventually.

As a driver, you have full control over which brands you work with.

Step Four: Wrap Your Car

Once a campaign is accepted, you’ll be sent the time and location for an appointment at a local vehicle-wrapping shop to get your car suited up for the campaign.

The ad will be professionally installed on your vehicle by an expert, so no need to worry about shoddy workmanship. However, it can be a time-consuming process. Depending on the size of the wrap (partial or full) it can take anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days.

Step Five: Drive and Earn

Once your car is wrapped, the campaign begins. Now you just need to get out on the road and drive.

Carvertise sets daily mileage goals for drivers. These aren’t particularly difficult to reach, but they do require sticking to a routine. Drivers must average at least 30 miles per day during active campaigns, with some cities requiring more than others. There are even reports of certain major cities that require closer to 60 miles or more per day!

These milage targets are tracked through the Carvertise mobile app. Every time you drive, you’ll need to make sure the app is running (having it open in the background is fine) and accessing your location data. Drivers that don’t meet their mileage targets will start to see penalties applied to their monthly earnings.

In addition, Carvertise also has requirements about which roads you’ll need to stick to (i.e., the more visible the better). The occasional side-road is fine, but if you start taking an unusual number of them, you’ll receive warnings and eventual earnings cuts.

Step 6: Unwrapping

When a campaign wraps up, you’ll be asked to return to the vehicle-wrapping shop where you had the wrap put on. They’ll remove the wrap for you free of charge.

In addition, Carvertise will pay for any damage that comes as a result of wrap removal… if you get it unwrapped at a partnered location. It’s fine if you decide you’d feel more comfortable getting it unwrapped somewhere else, you’ll just need to cover any unintended expenses out of pocket.

Once your car is unwrapped, it’s decision time. Are you done with Carvertising? Or are you ready to take on another campaign? If you decide to take on another campaign all you need to do is wait to be matched with another interested company. If you hit your mile targets throughout your first campaign this shouldn’t take long at all!

Carvertise phone number

If you’re interested in contacting Carvertise by phone, their phone number is (302) 273-1890.

In conclusion

You now have a good sense of what Carvertise is and how it works. Now, it’s time to answer the most important question… is Carvertise a good way to make money?

Let’s start with a quick recap:

To make money with Carvertise you’ll need to accept the fact that your car will be wrapped in branded marketing materials for at least a month, probably six. You’ll also need to accept the fact that the wrap will probably be eye-catching… and could be downright ugly (#FURCAR). Finally, you’ll need to accept the driving routine that comes along with the service.

If you can’t accept these conditions, Carvertise won’t be for you. If you can, it’s a great source of extra income.

The potential annual earnings from Carvertise are between $1,200 and $3,600. That’s more than enough to cover the average American’s gas for an entire year.

Sure, it might not be a life-changing amount of money, but it’s still a great deal for driving a route you likely would’ve normally driven anyway.

Have you tried Carvertise out? If so, what did you think? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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