Free $225 Bonus For Opening A Chase Total Checking Account

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Update (2023): This offer has expired, but Chase has a new promotion that has a bonus offer of $200 instead of $225. Still not a bad deal. Check out the current Chase bonus offer here.

It’s that time of year again! Chase is offering a bonus for simply opening an account. Keep reading to find out how you can grab this easy Chase Total Checking bonus.

Who qualifies for a $225 Total Checking account bonus?

This checking account can be opened by anyone who’s a new Chase checking account customer.

Make sure you tick both of the boxes below:

  • No current Chase checking account active
  • Must not have closed a Chase checking account anytime within the last 6 months

You’ve got to deposit any amount via direct deposit within 90 days of opening the account. You’ll then receive the $225 as promised into that account.

Simple as that. As far as I know, you can deposit $0.01 and still redeem the bonus!

There’s no limitation based on where you live. There’s also no limitation on a per household basis. Everyone in your family can sign up for their own bonus. A family of four can easily rake in $900 doing this.

Where can I sign up for the $225 Chase Total Checking account bonus?

You can sign up right down below!

Are there any fees?

Yes, there is a fee of $12 a month to keep this account.

However, there are 3 ways to waive this fee:

  1. Link a direct deposit totaling $500 or more per month.
  2. Keep at least $1,500 in the account at all times. If it dips below $1,500 even for just one day, you’ll pay the fee.
  3. That is, unless you average at least a $5,000 balance in all your Chase accounts per day for the month.

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Can I close my Chase Total Checking account at any time?

Absolutely! You can close the account at any time without any penalty.

However, if you want to keep the $225 bonus, you’ll have to keep the account open for at least 6 months. Or else, Chase reserves the right to retract the bonus.

If you plan on keeping the account just for the bonus, without meeting the minimum daily balance or monthly deposit, that’s $12 x 6 months = $72 in fees.

$225 minus $72 would still net you a total of $153. Still higher than the Chase College Checking account bonus of $100.

However, if you plan to keep the account long-term, you may want to consider the Chase College checking especially if you won’t be able to keep a $1,500 minimum balance every month. The Total checking account costs $12 per month to keep if you don’t meet the minimum, and that’ll eventually wipe out your bonus.

When do I receive the $225 bonus?

You’ll receive the $225 bonus in the Total Checking account within 15 days of your deposit.

When does the $225 bonus offer expire?

Update (April 10, 2022): This offer has expired, but Chase has a new promotion that has a bonus offer of $200 instead of $225. Still not a bad deal.

Check out the current Chase bonus offer here.

This particular offer expired on April, 20, 2022.

What about the Chase College Checking account bonus?

There is a specific offer for opening a Chase College Checking account, but that one gives you a $100 bonus (a link to this post is also at the bottom if you’re interested in reading about it later). Even if you’re a college student, I’d recommend you open a Total Checking account instead as the bonus offer is higher at $225.

If you’ve already opened a College Checking account and received the $100 bonus, unfortunately, you’re out of luck.

If you’ve opened one without receiving the $100 bonus, great! You can still apply for the $225 Total Checking account bonus.

Remember, you can only qualify for a bonus related to opening any Chase personal checking account once every two years. However, any bonuses related to opening a credit card, business checking account, or investment account with Chase can be stacked on top of this.

In conclusion

This is a bonus I’d sign up for as a college student and everyone else. It’s not like it’s some obscure product from Chase. It’s actually their most popular checking account.

Yes, there is a college student-specific offering, but it’s much lower at $100.

If you’re interested in learning about that one, check out our post, Free $100 Bonus For Opening A Chase College Checking Account!

I’ve seen a few higher bonuses from Chase than this $225 bonus offer, but this definitely ranks as one of the higher amounts for simply opening a checking account.

If you’re waiting for a better bonus in the near future, it isn’t guaranteed. Plus, a dollar now is worth more than a dollar later if you factor in the depreciation of the dollar every year due to inflation.

I’d really consider signing up your entire family for this, as a family of four banks in a cool $900.

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