Free $100 Bonus For Opening A Chase Secure Banking Checking Account

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Don’t we all love Chase banking bonuses?

The reason why I like to write about Chase banking bonuses is that:

  1. They have some of the best bonus incentives in the industry, if not the best.
  2. And if you need a reason beyond that, they are fair and professional when it comes to fraudulent purchases, and even go out of their way to tell me when my card has potentially been compromised. They then reimburse any lost money hassle-free.

That’s why I personally continue to bank with them.

In this post, I want to talk about a not as well-known checking account bonus that can help a lot of people who are not in necessarily the best financial position, historically speaking.

Let’s get into this $100 Secure Checking account bonus that Chase has to offer.

Who qualifies for a $100 Chase Secure Checking account bonus?

This checking account can be opened by anyone who’s a new Chase checking account customer. The details are similar to other account bonuses offered by Chase.

Make sure you tick the boxes below:

  • No current Chase checking account active
  • Must not have closed a Chase checking account anytime within the last 6 months

Anyone can qualify for this bonus, technically speaking, as long as they are considered a new checking account customer as outlined above.

But who should apply for this account? Now that’s another story. Generally, it’s aimed at customers who don’t qualify for certain other traditional checking accounts. So if you’ve ever been declined for a Total Checking account (their standard checking account), you’ll probably still qualify for this account along with the $100 account bonus.

Why is the Chase Secure Checking account so great (in my opinion)?

What makes this account unique is that you’re actually paying a monthly service fee of $4.95 for the opportunity to have certain features as well as a lack thereof. What does that mean?

Well, here are some examples of positive features:

  • No account minimum required
  • No ATM fees
  • No money order or cashier check fees

And here are some examples of seemingly negative features:

  • Can’t write checks
  • Can’t send or receive wire transfers
  • No overdraft protection

If you think about all these features, both the positive and seemingly negative, you’ll find that they’re well thought out and are actually designed to protect you from penalties and fees, especially if you have a history of going into negative territory in your account balance.

For example, no overdraft protection. Even though this seems like a negative, it’s actually a good thing, and also the reason why I opt out of overdraft protection even when it’s recommended (for the record, I don’t think it should ever be recommended).

If you have overdraft protection, it means that in the event your card is charged and you don’t have the funds necessary in your account, the transaction will still go through. Chase will cover the charge for you for the time being, and expect you to refill the account balance back to positive. They will then charge you an overdraft fee for the service of having covered you. Ironically, this overdraft fee could also bring you back into the negative.

If you don’t have overdraft protection, the transaction will actually get declined on the spot. Even though it may be momentarily embarrassing, it prevents you from spending money you don’t have, and further charging you for not having enough money.

To me, the latter situation is a much better situation to be in. You can always fill your account later and attempt to re-buy the item or whatever it is you were attempting to purchase.

Basically, for the service fee of $4.95 a month, you’re guaranteed to not be penalized for anything that could go wrong, your fault or not. That’s some awesome peace of mind if you ask me.

When do I receive the $100 Secure Checking account bonus?

You’ll need to make at least 10 transactions within 60 days of opening the account. Once you’ve done that, Chase will deposit the $100 directly into your account within 15 days.

No direct deposits are required in this promotion.

Where can I sign up for the $100 Chase Secure Checking account bonus?

You can directly sign up for this $100 Chase Secure Checking account bonus using the link below!

Are there any other fees?

Other than the monthly $4.95 mentioned above, there are no other fees.

And that’s exactly what you’re paying for, a fair and fixed monthly cost that guarantees protection against any other penalties or fees you might otherwise incur unintentionally.

Can I close my Chase Secure Checking account at any time?

Yes, absolutely, you can close the account at any time.

Keep in mind that if you do close the account before 6 months, Chase has the right to take back the $100 bonus, and will most likely do so.

Also, if you close the account, you won’t be able to qualify for any more checking account bonuses offered by Chase for 2 full years.

You can still take advantage of other account bonus offers by Chase that pertain to credit cards, business accounts, investment accounts, etc. You just can’t take advantage of other Chase checking account bonus offers since they are in the same category as this Chase Secure Checking account bonus offer.

When does this $100 bonus offer expire?

Update: You now have a bit more time to take advantage of this offer.

This $100 bonus offer expires on October 18, 2023.

This $100 bonus offer expires on July 19, 2023.

This $100 bonus offer expires on April 19, 2023.

This $100 bonus offer expires on January 25, 2023.

This $100 bonus offer expires on October 19, 2022.

This $100 bonus offer expires on July 20, 2022.

In conclusion

If you like the well-designed protective features and lack thereof in the Chase Secure Checking account, you should go for it since it’s guaranteed peace of mind from penalties and fees for a fair price of $4.95 a month.

However, if you need some or all of the features and you qualify for the Chase Total Checking account with its $200 bonus and can meet its $1,500 account minimum, definitely go for that. That’s my number one choice, but it does require attention and responsibility.

If you happen to be a college student and want to take advantage of the Chase College Checking account with its $100 bonus due to its lack of a $1,500 minimum account requirement, then go for that.

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