Creatures Inc. Net Worth [The Ones That Brought You Pokemon TCG]

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Industry:Video Game Development, Trading Cards
Net Worth/Valuation:$332 million
Latest Reported Revenue:$10 million
Year Founded:1995
Number of Employees:207
Notable Shareholders:Tsunekazu Ishihara (president, founder, CEO)

Frequently Associated With

Creatures Inc. was founded in 1995 by Tsunekazu Ishihara, previously the CEO of The Pokemon Company, as a follow-up to the original company, Ape Inc., which was founded in 1989 by Shigesato Itoi. It signified a transfer of leadership and a slight change in direction.

Net Worth of Creatures Inc.

Creatures Inc.’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $975 million.

The majority of Creature Inc.’s net worth can be attributed to their share of The Pokemon Company as well as their involvement in developing numerous games including many from the Pokemon franchise:

  • Pokemon Stadium
  • Super Smash Bros.
  • Pokemon Snap
  • Pokemon Stadium
  • Pokemon X and Y
  • Pokken Tournament
  • Pokemon Go
  • Pokemon Sun and Moon
  • Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Eevee!
  • Pokemon Sword and Shield

How did we get the estimation for Creature Inc.’s net worth? Well, the majority of Creature Inc.’s net worth can be attributed to its stake in The Pokemon Company, which is valued at $975 million. The only percentage ownership we have confirmed is Nintendo’s stake of The Pokemon Company at 32%.

Assuming Game Freak and Creatures Inc. (the other two out of three owners of The Pokemon Company) own equal stakes in the rest of The Pokemon Company, that means they each own 34% of the $975 million valuation, which equates to roughly $332 million.

Ultimately, the percentage ownership that Creatures Inc. has is undisclosed and we can only speculate. To make matters a bit more complicated, Nintendo also owns a stake in Creatures Inc., and in turn, a part of their stake in The Pokemon Company. But that doesn’t change the overall valuation of Creatures Inc. itself.

How much does Creatures Inc. earn per year?

Creature Inc.’s latest profits are estimated to be roughly $111 million in the year 2021.

Because Creatures Inc. is a private company, there are no legal obligations to disclose financial standing. The best estimation we can make is to assume that their earnings come largely from The Pokemon Company’s earnings.

Since we assumed a 34% stake above, and The Pokemon Company is estimated to have earned a net profit of $325 million in 2021, Creatures Inc. would have pocketed roughly $111 million of that money.

How much of Creatures Inc. does Tsunekazu Ishihara own?

Since Creatures Inc. is a private company, we, unfortunately, don’t know how much of Creatures Inc. Tsunekazu Ishihara owns. However, it is possible and likely that he is a majority shareholder of the company.

History of Creatures Inc.

Creatures Inc. is a Japanese video game development company that was founded in 1995 as a subsidiary of Ape Inc. Its founders, including Tsunekazu Ishihara, Ken Sugimori, and others, had a vision to create innovative and engaging video games. However, it was in 1998 that Creatures Inc. entered into a pivotal partnership with Nintendo and Game Freak to collaborate on the development and publishing of games under the Pokémon brand.

Since then, Creatures Inc. has become synonymous with the Pokémon franchise, contributing significantly to its success and global popularity. The company has been involved in the creation of various Pokémon games, including the main series of RPG titles and spin-offs across different platforms. Their expertise and creativity have helped shape the captivating world of Pokémon and its gameplay mechanics.

In addition to game development, Creatures Inc. expanded its activities to encompass other aspects of the Pokémon brand. They played a vital role in the production of trading card games, animated television series, movies, and merchandise. The company’s involvement in licensing and managing the Pokémon intellectual property has been instrumental in the franchise’s extensive reach and commercial success.

Creatures Inc. is closely tied to The Pokémon Company, a joint venture formed with Game Freak and Nintendo in 2000. As part of The Pokémon Company, Creatures Inc. continues to collaborate with its partners to further expand and evolve the Pokémon universe. They work on new game releases, strategic brand management, and the exploration of new avenues for Pokémon-themed entertainment.

While Pokémon remains the centerpiece of Creatures Inc.’s portfolio, the company has also engaged in collaborations and projects beyond the franchise. They have partnered with other game developers and publishers, contributing their expertise and creative talents to various titles and intellectual properties.

Overall, Creatures Inc. has left an indelible mark on the gaming industry through its contributions to the Pokémon franchise. With a rich history of game development, brand management, and collaboration, Creatures Inc. has played a significant role in the enduring success and cultural impact of Pokémon, captivating the hearts of millions of fans worldwide.

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