Drake Net Worth [The Greatest Rapper – Declared By Ye]

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Drake is one of the most successful rappers in the music industry today. 

Not only does he have an impressive net worth, but he has also ventured into other businesses, such as fashion and liquor. In this post, we’ll take a look at Drake’s net worth and some of his most impressive accomplishments over the years. We will also share some interesting facts about his career and what he plans to do in the future!

Profession/Career:Rapper / Actor
Net Worth:$180 and $250 million
Date of Birth (Age):October 24, 1986 (35 years old)
Place of Birth:Toronto, Ontario
Full Name:Aubrey Drake Graham
Height:6 ft 0 in

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Drake’s Total Net Worth

Drake’s net worth currently sits between $180 and $250 million.

Of course, that’s a big gap for most people, but when you’re managing a chart-topping music career, a successful clothing line, and a liquor business (Virginia Black), among other things, it’s not hard to see how Drake has raked in such an impressive fortune. 

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest contributors to Drake’s net worth.

How Drake Got Started: His Acting Career

Drake began his career in the entertainment industry when he was 15 when he was cast in the Canadian television series, “Degrassi: The Next Generation”. 

Drake was a series regular in seasons 1-7 and a guest star in season 8. Though during his acting career, his mother became very sick and could no longer work. According to Drake, “My mother was very sick. We were very poor, like broke. The only money I had coming in was off of Canadian TV.”

Although he was a star in a TV show, he was not paid all that well. Drake was only paid about $50,000 per year, and it was the only income his family had coming in. That is only about $2,000 per month after paying all the taxes.

Largest Contributor to Drake’s Net Worth

Drake’s Music Sales

Drake’s music career is undoubtedly one of the biggest sources of his wealth. To date, he’s released seven studio albums and 139 singles (including guest appearances) and has sold over 170 million records worldwide, making him the certified number one Digital Singles artist ever by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America)

His music has been streamed over eleven billion times on Spotify alone, and his album Views is currently the most streamed album ever on Apple Music. Not to mention, Drake has won four Grammy Awards and holds several Guinness World Records.

To give you an idea of just how successful he is in this area, here are the records themselves;

  • Most Streams on Spotify in a Year (Male Musician)
  • Most Streamed Artist on Spotify (which was over 2.08 billion times!)
  • Most Simultaneous New Entries into Hot 100 by Solo Artist
  • Most Album Track Streams in One Week (384 million)
  • Most Streamed Album on Apple Music in 24 Hours
  • Biggest Digital Selling Artist in the US

They are phenomenal achievements, and it’s no wonder his music sales have contributed so significantly to his net worth.

Second Largest Contributor to Drake’s Net Worth

Drake’s Brand and Apparel Empire

In 2012, Drake launched his own clothing line via a web store called October’s Very Own, or OVO for short. The store opened on Drake’s 26th birthday. The opening line included a range of clothing and accessories, from t-shirts and hoodies to hats and socks. It has been an enormous success, with celebrities like Rihanna and Justin Bieber often seen sporting OVO gear.

In 2014, everything really kicked off. 

Drake partnered with Colette, a Parisian boutique company, and hosted a wildly successful pop-up store in Nordstrom’s Heartbreakers Club.

Come 2014; Drake finally opened the first brick-and-mortar OVO store in downtown Toronto. The success was unparalleled and kickstarted the rise of the stores worldwide. Now, in 2022, you can find stores everywhere, from Vancouver and New York to Las Vegas and London.

Success has come in many shapes and forms. Throughout the rise of this fashion empire, Drake has partnered with plenty of Canadian brands, artists, and organizations that he has personally loved, including the Toronto Raptors, the NBA team from his hometown that he supports, and has regularly coupled his store collections with exclusive tour merch.

With everything from his music and touring career mixed with partnerships with some of the most exclusive brands so seamlessly integrated, it should be no surprise why this creation of Drake’s has been so successful.

In fact, it’s been so successful that in 2018, it broke the $50 million a year revenue milestone.

But, Drake’s line of success continues.

In 2019, Drake partnered with LeBron James and supported launching his new digital platform, Uninterrupted, also based in Canada. The Uninterrupted platform markets itself as an ‘athlete empowerment brand’, a line of thinking that allows athletes to express themselves openly without having to worry about the restrictions of sponsors, team branding, and repressive management.

Drake’s involvement in Uninterrupted has only added to the brand’s success and has helped athletes like James, Draymond Green, and Skylar Diggins-Smith feel more comfortable expressing themselves.

Third Largest Contributor to Drake’s Net Worth

Drake’s Real Estate

Drake is also a savvy businessman when it comes to real estate. 

In 2017, it was reported that he had spent $7.7 million on a mansion up in the Hidden Hills, California. The massive home includes an NBA-sized indoor basketball court, a 20-car garage, and its own vineyard, all of which he paid for in cash.

In true Drake style, he renamed the property the ‘YOLO Estate,’ the area of which is actually made up of several properties. This includes a 12,000-square-foot main house and a 2,000-square-foot party house. There are stables, a cinema fit for 25 people, a standard, full-sized basketball court, a volleyball court with a full sand pitch, and what is known as one of the largest privately owned pools in all of Southern California.

For an idea of what the pool is like on its own, it loops around the entire exterior of the main house like a moat, features several waterfalls, a bar you can swim up to at any time, an 80-foot water slide, and a grotto which many say has been modeled, or at least inspired by, the Playboy Mansion.

But that’s not all.

Drake extended this already-massive property by buying the 1.60-acre estate next door for another $2.8 million and bought another neighboring house for another $4.5 million.

In total, this created a vast 6.7-acre estate at the end of a cul-de-sac drive now totaling over $22.7 million. And that’s not even including all the work and extras that you can be sure Drake has installed over the years.

Fast forward to June 2022, Drake has sold all three houses and it’s been reported that he bought Robbie William’s 20-acre mansion in Beverly Crest in an off-market deal for around $70 million in that area.

Outside of Drake’s kingdom, he also owns a $6.7 million plot of land in southern Toronto, known as the Bridal Path, on which he built a massive 50,000 square-foot mansion, of which the master bedroom on its own is 3,200 square feet. There’s also a downtown condo that he reportedly owns in the same area.

Controversy Surrounding New Album With 21 Savage

Drake released his new album collaboration with 21 Savage on November 4th, 2022. In it he supposedly dissed a number of people such as Megan Thee Stallion, Alexis Ohanian (Serena Williams‘ husband), and Kanye West.

List of Drake’s awards

Drake is a highly successful rapper, singer, and songwriter who has received numerous awards and nominations throughout his career. Some of his most notable awards include:

  • 4 Grammy Awards
  • 27 Billboard Music Awards
  • 2 Brit Awards
  • 6 American Music Awards
  • 4 BET Awards
  • 3 JUNO Awards (Canadian music awards)
  • 1 MOBO Award (UK music award)
  • 1 MTV Video Music Award
  • 2 MTV Europe Music Awards

Drake has also received numerous other nominations and accolades from various industry organizations, including the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. He is widely regarded as one of the most successful and influential artists of his generation, with a career that has spanned over a decade and has produced numerous chart-topping hits and multi-platinum albums.

Drake’s number one most-watched Youtube video is Hotline Bling with almost 2 billion views. The video came out back in 2015 and inspired a large number of cover and parody videos.

Drake’s Son – Adonis Graham

In 2018, Sophie Brussaux, a French artist and former adult film star claimed that she was pregnant with Drake’s child. Initially, Drake did not believe that the child was his, however, he stated that if DNA tests proved that the child was his, he would do right by the child.

After DNA tests proved that Drake was indeed the father, he started silently supporting Sophie, however, the two had a very strained relationship.

Adonis was hidden from the public for a long time and Sophie took it a step further and made her Instagram account private.

It wasn’t until March, 2020, when Adonis made his first public appearance. Since then he can be seen all over both Sohie and Drake’s Instagram.

In 2023, Drake even featured one of his son’s drawings as the cover art of his latest album – For All The Dogs. Now Adonis can be seen attending all major events with Drake.

In Conclusion

It should come as no surprise that, with all these business ventures under his belt, Drake is one of the wealthiest rappers in the world.

And, with his musical career still going strong and more business ventures on the horizon, there’s no telling how much he could be worth in the future. So far, he’s shown no signs of slowing down, and it’s exciting to see what he can pull off next.

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