Top 20 Gifts for Coffee Lovers For Under $20

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Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Most people can’t start the day without their morning brew. If you know someone like this, there are lots of excellent gift ideas you can explore. Even better, you don’t need to be wealthy to purchase them.

This list will save you both time and money. Most of these gifts will be under $20. Let’s look at some of these suggestions.

Coffee Maple Syrup – $13.99

Just having coffee in the morning? Oh no, you or your coffee loving friend need more coffee than that in your life! Pair it with some pancakes and coffee maple syrup, or look at those coffee maple bacon! The possibilities are endless!

Spilling Coffee Cup Decor – $12.99

As a coffee lover, spilling that precious liquid is a nightmare, but looking at this spilling cup of coffee just make me happy. A coffee lover must have home décor.

Rainbean French Press – $11.04

When heading off on a camping trip, brewing the coffee can be a challenge. There won’t be an outlet to plug the coffee maker into. However, this French press will take care of that for you without the need for any electricity. All you need to do is put in the grounds and add the hot water. Leave some time to steep, then push down on the handle. The grounds are trapped at the bottom and you can enjoy a delicious coffee.

Milk Frother – $19.99

A thick layer of foam is the thing that sets a great cup of coffee apart from the competition. The good news is that there is actually a super-easy way to make this foam at home. You just need to place this milk frother into the milk and you’ll have the froth within a few minutes.

Coffee Cups – $6.99

The quality of the coffee can be affected by the type of glass it is served in, believe it or not. You need something that will be able to keep the glass warm for a long time. These coffee glasses are double insulated, so they’ll be able to retain the heat. Plus, they are safe for microwave use, making them ideal for warming up old coffee. Try not to do that too often though!

Or you can go in another direction with this funny coffee mug. It’ll give the coffee lover in your life a big smile every time they use it. This coffee mug is a great example of how side-splitting these cups can be. It says “You can all come out now, I’ve had my coffee.” 

Portable Airless Container – $13.99

What are these for, you may ask? Well, to preserve coffee beans, you’ll need to get a container that will stop the air from getting into them. Otherwise, the oxygen and humidity will cause the beans to break down and start losing their flavor. That’s why a beautiful airless container like this one is a great gift for the coffee lover in your life.

Its sleek look will help modernize any kitchen when displayed in plain view. The compact size also makes it ideal for taking on a camping trip with you.

Don’t Speak Coffee Cup – $15.99

When you are a coffee lover, you are sure to have a large collection of coffee cups. Find a witty cup that matches your friend’s personality and you got yourself a great gift. We find this cup to be perfect for anyone. Let’s be honest, who isn’t cranky in the morning, it’s a good rule to not talk to people until they have some caffeine in them.

Absorbent Stone Coasters – $13.99

A love of coffee can also lead to a lot of circular marks, from where the coffee mug has been left on the bench. Thankfully, this is an easy problem to solve. A set of stone coasters will absorb the moisture in style. There are multiple colors to choose from, so you’ll be able to find something for the coffee lover in your life. Plus, the kit comes with a coaster holder, so you’ll be able to stylishly keep everything in one place.

Cozy Blue Coffee Scale – $14.69

If you know someone who takes coffee seriously, they likely need a good set of scales. They need the ability to precisely measure out the coffee they are using. This allows them to get a consistent amount of beans in each grind. This kitchen coffee scale is ideal for use within the kitchen. It’s accurate. Also, since it uses batteries it can be a good choice for taking on a road trip.

Compost Bin – $14.99

Many people don’t know that coffee grounds can be put onto the compost heap. They can do a lot of good. For example, they’ll be able to add plenty of nitrogen and potassium, which are essential nutrients that plants need to survive.  Plus, composting will reduce the amount of waste that is being sent to landfills. This compost bin makes the process easier. It’s designed to sit inside the kitchen and will block any unpleasant smells. When it’s full, just take it out and put it onto the compost heap so the worms can get to work breaking everything down.

It comes in blue, white, or green options to cover your kitchen aesthetic needs.

If you know someone who loves their K-cup machine, this is the right choice for you. This carousel will allow them to organize all their K-cups properly, making it easier to find the flavor they like. Furthermore, it will reduce the amount of bench space the cups will be taking up. It can hold up to 30 K-cups and revolves 360-degrees.

The Candle Daddy Coffee Scented Candle – $14.99

Even though they might not be having a brew, they can still enjoy the scent of freshly brewed coffee. A coffee-scented candle is a fun way of doing this. Not only does this candle smell beautiful, but it’s also going to last for a long time. It will last for around 40 hours. Even better, this candle is constructed in Indiana.

Coffee T-Shirt – $16.99

If you are looking for a more comical gift, this might be the ideal option. This shirt has a slogan that I’m sure will resonate with any coffee lover and/or Game Of Thrones fan. It says “That’s what I do. I drink coffee and know things.” What else is there to life?

There are plenty of sizes to choose from. Plus, you can get a size that will work for both genders.  

Coffee Themed Wall Art – $11.99

Another unique gift idea is to give them some coffee-themed wall art. This is a great way to add a little additional character to their kitchen, bringing a smile to their face every time they are preparing a new brew. Being a metal sign, it is built to last. Plus, there are holes for nails or rope, so it will be easy to mount it in place.

James Hoffman Rainbow Cupping Spoons – $9.99

Having a dedicated coffee spoon might sound pretentious, but it’s really cool to have. It doesn’t have to be rainbow in color, but this is the aesthetic that has been popularized by James Hoffman, who’s known for his coffee expertise and YouTube videos that explain how to drink coffee properly.

If you’re not familiar with coffee cupping, be sure to watch this video by James Hoffman that explains how to do it and why it’s done. The short of it is, it allows you to taste a coffee’s profile of flavors in the most natural way possible. It’s done by experts in the industry to see if a batch is up to par with standards or simply to figure out how a certain coffee tastes. But the great thing is, you can do it at home yourself.

The Ultimate Coffee Bar Cookbook for Coffee Lovers by Valeria Ray – $12.99

To a coffee lover, nothing is more exciting than the ability to try out a new type of brew. Though they might have their favorites, there are always new recipes to explore and new flavors to try. That’s where The Ultimate Coffee Bar Cookbook for Coffee Lovers comes in. This book has hundreds of recipes to try out, so they’ll always be able to experiment with a new type of blend.

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer – $14.29

Nothing is worse than coffee getting cold at your desk. Thankfully, a high-quality coffee warmer will prevent this from happening. Just put the coffee on it and it will warm the mug, keeping it at the perfect temperature so you can keep sipping throughout the day.

OGX Smoothing Coffee Body Wash – $13.86

If your friend has a serious coffee addiction, they will love this body wash two-pack. It uses arabica coffee and combines it with active ingredients, to give a thorough clean. Once they’re done, their skin will be left feeling silky smooth. Plus, it will leave them smelling beautiful after it has been applied. 

Coffee Bean Silicone Mold – $9.98

Just because they might not be drinking coffee doesn’t mean that they can’t add a little caffeine, through these bean-shaped ice cube molds. It’s also a great way of preparing jelly or decorations for cakes. Once you’re finished using it, just wash it out with some warm water.

Waterproof Kindle Cover – $18.99

If they love a good read with their coffee, they will enjoy this Kindle cover. Plus, it will be waterproof. This helps protect their electronic device if they ever spill their coffee. It will fit most Kindle Paperwhite devices and there is a range of designs to choose from.

Last Words

Coffee is more than just a delicious drink. It’s a way of bringing people together. One of these great gift ideas is sure to bring a smile to a coffee lover and is sure to become something that they will get a lot of use out of. Plus, they’re all under $20! What are you waiting for?

Do you have any other coffee gift ideas for a coffee lover that’s under $20? Let us know if we’ve missed any amazing products, and we’ll be sure to add them to this list.

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