Gifts That Start With ‘B’ [Unique Gifts You’ll Actually Want]

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Best Gift That Start With ‘B’ For Him

Bullet Glass – $19.99

Yup, that’s a real bullet embedded in this whiskey glass. These glasses are individually handmade in the USA in the state of Wisconsin, so you know it’s a heavy, quality drinking glass.

If you need a gift for someone who’s served in the military or law enforcement, or just someone who’s into firearms, this can serve as the perfect complement to their current drinkware.

Comes with a single glass and a .308 bullet, no lead or gunpowder to worry about. Get them two or more to enjoy with friends. Drink responsibly.

Bat Wings Corkscrew Bottle Opener – $8.95

Opening wine bottles can be a pain in the you know what sometimes. Somehow I always manage to break it in some way, shape or form.

Make opening wine bottles in to a fun show with this amazing flapping bat wing corkscrew bottle opener.

Bacon Scented Mustache – $8.95

You know who’d be proud? Ron Swanson. We only see him on television, so there’s a chance that Ron Swanson’s mustache is bacon-scented too!

But even if it isn’t, that doesn’t mean yours can’t smell like bacon. Perfect for gag lovers or partygoers. Beware though, this product may make you more of a man than you can handle.

Best Gift That Start With ‘B’ For Her

Blanket Sweater – $43.99

If you live in one of those cold winter states, chances are you love to snuggle in a blanket with some hot cocoa and enjoy a nice show. These blanket sweaters are perfect for that. They’ve got a nice and soft fleece lining and a hoodie to boot. Just pull your feet up onto the couch and you’re perfectly covered in all that cuddly warmth this blanket sweater has to offer. Come in various color options to complement your couch color.

Blobfish Plushie – $14.99

Now where have I seen this animal before? That’s right, this plushie is based off of a real-life fish. And no, they didn’t just grossly mess up, the fish actually looks like that in real-life too!

Say whatever you want about the blobfish, I think it’s super adorable. Now, as far as what purpose they serve in nature? That, I’m not too sure about.

Best Gift That Start With ‘B’ For Couples

Beehive Candle with Cotton Wick – $35.00

Beeswax candles are perfect for relaxation and stress relief, and will help you fall asleep easier. This candle concept is called Candle By The Hour, and it’ll provide over 70 hours of pleasant burning.

Because it is beeswax, it’s natural and safe for the entire family. Plus, you won’t have to worry about any dripping, because beeswax is naturally drip-less. How cool is that?

Bedside Shelf – $44.99

Face it. Some of us didn’t know we needed this until we saw it.

This bedside shelf is perfect for us lazy, ahem, I meant highly efficient human beings who need a shelf close by to put our stuff on prior to getting our beauty sleep. No more walking or reaching over to the nearest nightstand, it’s all within reach of a tiny wrist flick even as you’re lying in bed.

There are seven styles to choose from, and some include a cup holder to keep your drink secure. It’s been featured on BuzzFeed, Apartment Therapy, and Business Insider, so you know how popular this has become.

Best Gift That Start With ‘B’ For Foodies

Blooming Tea Flowers – $16.95

Perfect for the tea-lover in your life. This unique tea gift set comes with twelve different flower flavors to enjoy. These include:

  • Jasmine
  • Marigold
  • Lily
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Rose
  • Carnation
  • And more!

Plus, you can reuse each flower up to three times each. In all, you’ll get about 250 cups’ worth of tea. Made from Grade AA tea leaves and premium edible flowers. Cups and teapot are sold separately.

Baguette Slippers – $18.99

These are warm winter slippers that look like baguettes. If you or anyone you know have ever wanted to walk on bread loaves, this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

It’s comfortable and comes in various sizes.

Burrito Blanket – $21.99

Ok, we’ve had a baguette, and a butt, and so now I guess it’s time to introduce the burrito blanket. And well, you’ve guessed it: it’s a blanket that looks surprisingly like a tortilla. And when you fit your husband, wife, or kid into it, they essentially become a human burrito.

Cool right? We think so.

Best Gag Gift That Start With ‘B’

Buttress Pillow – $99.00

Speaking of comfortable, this one’s pretty comfortable too. Probably even more than the loaf slippers above. After all, it is a butt.

It’s great for any sleeping position: back, side, and stomach sleeping. Don’t be distracted by the fact that it’s a butt, it really is ridiculously comfortable. The sweet spot is in between the thighs.

Black Toilet Paper – $13.99

Black toilet paper is genius. Keep in mind that this is a luxury item, so don’t go too crazy buying too many of these. One as a gift for a friend or a loved one should suffice for some time. Once you’ve experienced these quilted, three-ply sheets, you’ll be constantly looking for an excuse to go back to the bathroom.

If you’re even more adventurous, they’ve got other colors like red, orange, green, blue, and fuchsia. You’ll never run out of options.

Best Gift That Start With ‘B’ For Car Lovers

Bigfoot Hand Ice Scraper – $14.99

Did you know that an animal’s hair helps them to regulate temperature? Well, now you can utilize that very same concept and keep yourself warm while scraping the freezing cold ice off your car’s windshield. I guess it’s little consolation for those chilly Monday mornings when you’ve got to head to work, but at least you get to make ice scraping as fun and comfortable as ice scraping can be.

Best Gift That Start With ‘B’ For Investors

Bitcoin Chocolate – $31.95

If you know someone who loves Bitcoin, you know they’ve been losing some these past few months. Here’s a chance to replenish some of those lost Bitcoins. The best thing about it is these things actually have some practical utility outside of price speculation: chocolate! Ok, we’re just kidding, sort of.

But seriously, haven’t we all been losing on Bitcoin? I could sure use some chocolate to cheer me up. Wake me up again when the next Bitcoin rally comes.

Best Gift That Start With ‘B’ For Movie Lovers

Bucket List Scratch Off Poster (Movie Edition) – $16.97

Know anyone who loves their movies? Then boy do we have the perfect gift. Each of the movies on this list are wonderfully crafted masterpieces, so you’re not going to be wasting their time with subpar plots or suggestions.

Plus, if they’ve already seen the movie, they can scratch it off their bucket list. That’s right, each movie has its own scratch-off and under each of these scratch-offs is a picture that relates to each movie.

This product has been featured on the Insider YouTube channel. How cool is that?

Best Gift That Start With ‘B’ For Self Care

Burt’s Bees Gift Set – $24.25

Burt’s Bees is my personal chapstick of choice, so I’m proud to present to you this gift idea!

It’s a Burt’s Bees gift set that includes six pieces:

  • Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream
  • Coconut Foot Cream
  • Beeswax Lip Balm
  • Classic Hand Salve
  • Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream
  • Res-Q Ointment

All of the products included in the gift set are made with all-natural ingredients and are all formulated to help keep your skin moisturized and well-hydrated. It’s a perfect gift for both men and women, and anyone else you know who’s got skin.

Best Gift That Start With ‘B’ For Lego Lovers

Bonsai Tree Lego Set – $39.99

Growing a Bonsai tree is an age-old artistic hobby and an icon in Japanese art. The ultimate goal is to create a smaller representation of nature in the form of a tree, and in our opinion, this Lego Bonsai tree does quite a great job at it!

Plus, it’s much easier to care for it, as it requires absolutely no water. But don’t be fooled. It’s recommended for 18 years of age or older. Great for anyone who appreciates a Lego set, and that’s a lot of people in the world.

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