How Long Does It REALLY Take for GOAT to Deliver? (Personal Experience)

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If you like to purchase shoes or fashion online, chances are you’re using either GOAT or StockX. Recently, with StockX’s removal of their ‘100% Authentic’ and ‘Verified Authentic’ tags, you may have been tempted to shop solely with GOAT from now on. I don’t blame you. If you plan to do so, I’ll quickly go over how long it typically takes GOAT to deliver, and how long you should expect your sneakers to take to arrive to your home.

How long does it take GOAT to deliver?

Officially, GOAT states that it takes 7-10 business days for a sneaker to be delivered in the US. Keep in mind that GOAT does not store the shoes in their facility. When a sneaker gets sold, the seller first sends it to GOAT, and then GOAT sends it to you. They break it down further with the following timeframes:

  • 3-4 business days for the seller to ship it to the GOAT facility
  • Another 1-2 business days to authenticate it and have it shipped out
  • Lastly, another 3-4 days to have it finally delivered to you

As you can see, the numbers add up correctly from the lower range of 7 days to the higher range of 10 days.

However, in practice, how long does GOAT really take to deliver? It’s a valid question, as shipping times and expectations have changed as a result of COVID-19. Typically, when I’ve ordered shoes from GOAT, I’ve been seeing deliveries take 9-12 days on average. I don’t order all that much, but I do make a purchase several times a year for sneakers, whether that be on GOAT or StockX. If you decide order on a Friday night, you could potentially be looking to wait as long as 18 days to get your shoes.

The numbers that GOAT officially puts up on their website are quite optimistic numbers. This doesn’t even factor in any mishaps that could delay the order even further, which I’ve had happen to me before.

Does GOAT take longer than StockX to deliver?

GOAT does not take longer than StockX to deliver. On the contrary, GOAT’s shipping times tend to be quicker than StockX’s, in my personal experience. StockX’s official delivery time on their website is stated to be within 7-12 business days. However, they generally take longer than that in practice. This is likely because StockX is a much more popular website at the moment than GOAT with more brand recognizability, and thus is used by more buyers overall.

Should you shop with GOAT?

If you’re the type of person who can’t wait that long to get shoes, you might be better off finding a local reseller. Sneaker reseller shops are popping up more and more often, so your chances of finding one is a lot better than it was a few years ago. Your best bet would be at an indoor mall, outdoor mall, or outlet center. Some standalone shops do exist in retail spaces.

However, you are trading extensive options and variety for immediate gratification, so just bear that in mind. This is especially important if you’ve got your eyes set on a specific shoe, and even more if it’s one of the rarer ones. I personally like certain Air Jordan 1’s and 4’s, and certain shoes I look for can be on the rarer side, so I prefer to order them online than spend my time driving around.

Check out these most expensive Yeezys for some inspiration.

Can you still trust GOAT amid the StockX controversy?

There’s no reason to no longer trust GOAT just because StockX has been caught in a pickle. Part of the reason why StockX is in this situation is because Nike has confirmed that some of the sneakers that StockX has verified as authentic has in fact not been authentic. This can greatly hurt Nike, and thus it is understandable that Nike will pursue this all-out in order to preserve their brand. If StockX continues to make claims of authentic sneakers despite the sneakers being counterfeit, then counterfeit companies might flood the market even further and bring Nike down with it.

Is GOAT more trustworthy and authentic?

GOAT has a much more rigorous process of authentication than StockX. In order to sell on GOAT, you would have to submit a number of paperwork to prove that you are a trusted retailer. They don’t just approve anyone.

I personally have no problem and will continue to order from GOAT.

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