How to Save $10k in 3 Months [9 Simple Ideas To Try]

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Have you ever wondered whether saving $10k in three months is possible? Without a doubt, this is one of those challenges that is possible – but you’ll need to be prepared to make some changes if you want to see it happen.

Luckily, we’ve outlined eight simple steps in this regard today that may help kickstart your new saving goals. After all, don’t forget that saving money, in the end, often comes down to lots of little changes in your life. So, while it can seem like an impossible goal at the outset, it really doesn’t have to be!

How Much Do I Need to Save Per Day to Save $10k in 3 Months?

In order to save $10k in 3 months, you’ll need to be saving approximately $110 per day, or $770 per week. That’s no small sum of money, so you may want to consider how several different income streams could contribute to this.

However, if you are serious about saving (and doing so quickly), there are numerous ways you can save up such a substantial sum of money in a very short time span. Luckily, we’ve presented a few ideas in this regard to help out.

9 Simple Ideas to Save $10k in 3 Months

So, you need to save big time – be it for a new purchase, a house move, or just to pay off a debt that’s been nagging at the back of your mind for a while. Whatever the case might be you, saving up $10k in three months, though admittedly difficult, doesn’t have to be impossible if you can make a few simple changes in your lifestyle.

#1. Start with the Big Expenses – $1,000

We all face big monthly expenses, but these can be surprisingly easy to cut back on. Of course, the most obvious large monthly expenses are fuel and rent. However, you can potentially save $1,000 over a three-month period by cutting these down a bit.

Living Situation

First of all, we should start with the obvious option here: rent. Downgrading your home to one that’s a couple of hundred dollars cheaper per month – they’re often out there, especially if you look a little further from prime locations – can easily save around $600 to $800 over this three-month window. Perhaps consider getting a roommate to share some expenses.


From here, you may then want to reconsider your fuel spending. Let’s take the average car, running at around 40mpg. With fuel prices currently around $4 per gallon, you’ll be spending $4 per 40 miles or $1 for every 10-mile drive you make. As such, if you typically commute for around 50 miles a day, five days a week, you’ll be looking at fuel bills of $25 per week or $125 per month. Cutting this down by ride-sharing with trusted coworkers, taking public transport, or even working from home could add up significantly to your monthly saving goals.

#2. Cut Down on the Number of Subscriptions – $200

So, you’ve made a start – next, you’ll want to cut back on subscriptions. Many of us have subscriptions of around $50-100 per month. If you can do without these, cutting them out could quite possibly save a couple of hundred dollars over the three-month window.

Check out these apps to help you find subscriptions you aren’t using and save money on bills!

#3. Find Food Bargains! – $400

Did you know that food bargains are an excellent way to save money towards your goals? Food bargains come in all shapes and forms, from bulk buy discounts to reduced food prices for expiring products, bonus codes and offers, and the like.

Combined, these can easily add up to around $25-$30 per week in savings if you shop smarter – this can definitely help with your $10k savings goal. Cheaper meal planning will help massively, too.

#4. Downgrade Your Vehicle – $3,000

If you’re in desperate need of the $10k savings goal, one option you may want to consider is downgrading your vehicle. Often, selling your vehicle and buying a model a couple of years older can save a surprisingly significant sum of money – easily a couple of thousand dollars! As such, this will all add to your savings goal.

#5. Delay Booking Annual Vacations – $1,500

If you’re the sort of person who goes on vacations every year, why not consider delaying your annual vacation – or skipping it entirely this year? While an annual vacation is nice, it’s very expensive. Most domestic vacations cost around $500 per person, while foreign vacations cost in the region of $1,500 to $2,000. So, if you need to save up quickly, this is one option that’s well worth considering. So why not treat yourself instead to a luxurious pamper week at home or a few days at a spa?

#6. Watch Christmas Spending Carefully – $600

Did you know that the average person spends around $900-$1,000 on Christmas every year? With this thought in mind, if you can cut back on your Christmas spending, you could see significantly more in the way of savings. Try not to go extravagant with your spending this festive season; a more modest turkey and hand-made, second-hand, or slightly small goods can all help you save around $500 on your Christmas spending. The same is also true at Thanksgiving, so where you can, try not to go too above and beyond if you’re trying to save up at this time of year.

More and more people are opting for no Christmas gifts nowadays. Perhaps have a talk with your friends and families to stop the gift exchange for now.

#7. Take on a Little Overtime Every Week – $1,200

The average person earns around $30 per hour. As such, if you can just take on a couple of extra hours per week, you could easily save up an extra $1,200 or so over the three-month period towards your savings. If that’s not worth a few more hours, we don’t know what is.

#8. Start A Freelance Gig in Your Free Time – $1,000

Did you know that you could monetize your free time if you’re looking to earn more and save up over a few months? If you have creative skills, such as writing, painting, digital art, etc., you can sell your services easily online through freelancing.

One hour of freelance work per night, even if you’re only working for $10-$20 per hour, can quickly add up to an extra $1,000 over the three months. Alternatively, if you have a typical 9-to-5 job for five days a week, why not dedicate one of your days off exclusively to freelancing for the same benefits?

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#9. Try Food Delivery Driving – $1,000

Did you know that, similarly to freelancing, food delivery driving can be a surprisingly lucrative side hustle? With food delivery apps, you can work at a time that suits you (the morning and evening trip to work is a great option to monetize the time you’re already on the road). And, as with selling your services as a freelancer, food delivery apps can potentially net you an extra $15-$20 per hour in income.

A small number of deliveries per day will see you easily making an extra $1,000 over the three months – or, if you love driving, why not spend more of your free time on the road to bump up the savings even more?

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Final Thoughts

Doing the above ideas can get you to $10k or close saved up over three months. Your results will vary and can be higher or lower.

If you’ve been looking to save money – perhaps for a new home deposit or simply to get some savings in the bank – knowing the different saving opportunities available could really help. Of course, it’s well worth keeping in mind that saving $10k in 3 months isn’t something you can do passively in most cases. It will definitely take time and commitment if you want to see it happen.

However, a few months of cutting back could make a massive difference to your saving goals and might just transform how you live. Even if you can’t quite make it in three months, you can still apply these excellent tips to your life generally to help boost your savings overall.

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