Insurify – Is It Legit? [An Honest Review]

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When I first used Geico as car insurance, there was one thing I loved about it. I didn’t have to talk to anyone over the phone. It was a quick and easy input of my information and immediately, I got a quote. I compared it with other auto insurance companies online that had a similarly efficient process, and I easily saw that Geico was the best price at the time for what I needed.

As great as that was, what if there’s an even easier way to do it? With all the technology nowadays, spending more than 20 minutes to find out something online can even be a hassle, not to mention all the typing and work involved in it.

Today, we’ll be talking about Insurify, and whether it’s the answer to any sort of online insurance shopping. What is it? Does it do what it claims? Can you trust it? We were quite skeptical ourselves at first, so we wanted to do as much digging as possible to get to the bottom of it.

What is Insurify?

In short, Insurify is an app that acts as an insurance quote aggregator. They can compare quotes for you immediately and all in one place for:

  • Car insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Life Insurance

It can be done either online or through the phone app.

As it is a meta insurance agency, Insurify will take your information and get you qualifying insurance quotes. You then get to take a look at the results that Insurify brings you and ultimately decide on one.

Overall, it really simplifies the process of insurance shopping, and when I say simplifies, that’s an understatement. The time it takes to use Insurify and ultimately decide on a plan would probably take less time than a single phone call to get a quote at any given insurance company.

Insurify literally claims, “No phone calls, and no wasted time”.

Plus, Insurify only matches you with insurance companies that cover your area, since not every provider covers every region.

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What information do I need to get started?

As one might expect, you do need to answer a lot of questions to get a quote that’s customized to your specific situation. However, the number of questions isn’t any more than if you were to just directly go to each insurance company’s website page and start the process for a quote. The great thing about Insurify is that you only have to answer the questions once and all your answers will be dispersed to all potential insurance providers.

Here are examples of the questions they’ll ask you if you’re looking for car insurance quotes:

  • How many cars would you like to insure?
  • What’s your marital status?
  • Who would you like to cover?
  • Vehicle Year, Make, Model
  • Vehicle License Plate Number
  • Are you currently making payments on your vehicle?
  • How many miles do you drive your vehicle each day?
  • What is your highest level of education?
  • Are you currently employed?
  • What is your date of birth?
  • Have you had any incidents since 2010?
  • Were you at fault?
  • How long ago did it happen?
  • What is your spouse’s name?
  • Spouse’s highest level of education
  • Is spouse currently employed?
  • What is spouse’s date of birth?
  • Has spouse had any incidents since 2010?
  • Do you own your own home?
  • Where do you park your car? (Allows you to pin the location on Google Maps)
  • What is your street address?
  • Do you currently have car insurance?
  • How long have you been continuously insured?
  • Have you ever had a gap in your car insurance?

The process for home and life insurance will ask a bunch of questions as well, similar to the questions listed above but pertinent specifically to home or life insurance, whichever you’re looking for.

Of note, while you’re giving your answers, Insurify will let you know if you qualify for certain discounts such as multi-vehicle, low mileage, or current homeownership discounts.

They also have certain features such as being able to take a picture of your license plate via your phone instead of having to type it all out.

How much does Insurify cost?

Insurify doesn’t cost anything. You pay $0. That’s because Insurify isn’t looking to make any money off you. They have partnerships with all the insurance companies that they want to work with, and for each lead (that’s you) that they send to each insurance company, they’ll receive a cut or commission of sorts. What exactly that deal is, nobody knows except Insurify and the insurance company. All we know is that the business model works for them and is beneficial to the both of them. Or else they wouldn’t be engaging in such a business model.

What do we like about Insurify?

For starters, we like that Insurify is free. But applying to insurance companies individually is also generally free.

The best thing about Insurify is that you only have to answer a set of questions once and you’ll get all the pertinent offers from all the different insurance providers delivered right to you. Also, after you’ve answered the questions, Insurify will give you recommendations in terms of insurance coverage based on your answers and you can choose to accept or modify the details.

It truly is a one-stop-shop and can save you hours upon hours of research and work. Plus, if you end up deciding to go with one of the providers, they’ll ask you if you want to proceed via phone or to just do it all online. Personally, I prefer the online route, but the choice is ultimately up to your own personal preference.

Insurify reviews and ratings

Insurify has great ratings and reviews across the board:

  • Better Business Bureau (A+)
  • (Very good)
  • ShopperApproved (4.8/5)
  • Google (4.3/5)
  • Facebook (4.6/5)

Is Insurify legit?

Insurify came about from an MIT entrepreneurial competition back in 2013. They officially launched in 2016 and have secured over $129 million in funding. It’s not only a legit company but it’s also proven itself among the giants. They’ve consistently been the top and most-rated company in the US when it comes to insurance and has saved customers an average of $585 a year on car insurance. They also have an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website along with top ratings from everywhere else.

Are there better alternatives to Insurify?

Currently, Insurify is not only legit but quite competent and comprehensive. However, there are other insurtech companies out there like Insurify. Here are some of them:

  • Clearcover (car insurance)
  • Gabi (car insurance, home insurance, renters insurance, and more
  • GoHealth (health insurance)
  • Lemonade (renters insurance, pet insurance, and more)
  • Policygenius (life insurance, disability insurance, pet insurance, and more)
  • Zipari (health insurance)

It’s always good to check out other insurtech/aggregator platforms against each other to get the most comprehensive picture of all the quotes available out there for your needs.

Insurify customer service

You can contact Insurify anytime via their phone number: (866) 749-1973

Or you can send them an email to

In conclusion: Do we recommend Insurify?

Absolutely. Insurify requires no account and charges no fees, and the process is ridiculously simple. You won’t get asked any more questions than you necessarily would from a single insurance broker, and you only need to do it once!

Everything you want to do is up to you. You can either follow through with the quotes online, by phone, or in-person if they offer it. It really takes minimal commitment and you can easily make your decision in a matter of minutes.

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