16 Jobs And Careers For Introverts [You’ll Love #11]

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If you’re an introvert, you’ve probably thought a lot about your future job. You’d have to meet people, interact with your co-workers, and possibly even attend social company events. But let’s get one thing straight first.

What is an introvert, really?

An introvert is a personality trait characterized by a focus on internal feelings and thoughts, rather than stimulation from external sources. They enjoy spending their moments with just one, if not a few select people, popularized by the famous personality test Myers-Briggs.

Most people do not truly fall into this category. As a matter of fact, most people in the world are considered ambiverts, meaning they are neither introverts nor extroverts, or that the personality depends on the situation.

According to Myers-Briggs, 51% of the population lean towards being introverted, but other research suggests that only 16% of the population is introverted.

True introverts seems to be relatively rare. Who would’ve thought?

For the longest time, I assumed introverts were rarely seen or heard simply because of their reclusive nature. But that’s not entirely accurate.

Generally, there are certain traits that characterize introverts. These include being reflective, self-aware, needing quiet to concentrate, taking time with decisions, feeling tired after being in a crowd, preferring written communication over verbal, and preference for working alone.

Note that being shy is not necessarily a trait of an introvert. On the contrary, many introverts do extremely well in social situations and can get along splendidly with people. Sure, they’ll get exhausted from it, but they’ll excel at it nonetheless.

So, if you’ve thought of yourself as an introvert simply because you think you’re shy, be sure to reevaluate yourself. There are many shy extroverts out there that just needs to warm up to a person a little bit to open up and be the life of the party.

Down below, we’re recommending jobs based on an introverted personality, and not necessarily a shy personality. If you aren’t sure whether or not you are an introvert, try taking a few personality tests, just be sure to be perfectly honest with yourself!

You’ll still find that some of these jobs below involve social interaction, but most of them are limited to a small group of people, which is the comfort zone for most introverts.

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Finding Jobs As An Introvert

Even within the confines of an introvert personality, there are multiple sub-personalities. After all, everyone’s a lot more unique and complex than a simple introvert or extrovert label.

Read the following descriptions and see which ones you find yourself relating the most to. Once you do, the recommended jobs will follow.

Types of Introverts

Introversion is a personality trait characterized by a preference for solitude, quiet environments, and internal reflection. While introverts share common traits, there are different types or subcategories of introverts based on their preferences and behaviors. Here are some common types of introverts:

  1. Social Introverts: Social introverts enjoy meaningful interactions with a small circle of close friends or family members. They prefer deep conversations and tend to feel drained by large social gatherings or superficial small talk.
  2. Reclusive Introverts: Reclusive introverts are highly self-sufficient and prefer spending the majority of their time alone. They seek solitude and find solace in activities such as reading, writing, or pursuing hobbies that can be done independently.
  3. Thinking Introverts: Thinking introverts are introspective and spend a significant amount of time reflecting on their thoughts and ideas. They enjoy intellectual pursuits, deep contemplation, and exploring complex concepts. They may be drawn to fields such as philosophy, science, or creative arts.
  4. Creative Introverts: Creative introverts thrive in imaginative and artistic pursuits. They often have a rich inner world and find inspiration from within themselves. They may excel in creative fields like art, music, writing, or design.
  5. Sensitivity-Driven Introverts: Sensitivity-driven introverts are highly attuned to their surroundings and are easily affected by external stimuli. They may be sensitive to noise, bright lights, or intense social interactions. They often need ample downtime to recharge and recover from sensory overload.
  6. Task-Oriented Introverts: Task-oriented introverts are focused and prefer working independently on projects or tasks that require concentration and attention to detail. They are highly motivated by accomplishing individual goals and may thrive in professions that allow them to work autonomously.

The Tinkerer Type

These kinds of jobs demand hyper-focused concentration. You’re dealing with a lot of numbers and details, and you can’t mess up.

Even though they are mentally intensive, you’ll be directly working with 1 or 2 people at most.

1. Accountant

As an accountant, you are required to prepare and examine financial records for your clients, as well as consult on various financial decisions.

This is a job more often done on your own or with one-on-one meetings with clients interspersed throughout. If you decide to start up your own firm, you could always decide to do more interactions via email, as it seems that’s where these sorts of services are headed anyways.

According to Indeed, an accounting job pays about $25 per hour.

2. Actuary

If the fields of math, statistics, and finance are your thing, then being an actuary is a great option for you. Your job is to minimize risk for financial outcomes and help businesses develop best financial practices and policies.

You’ll be working behind a screen most of the time. It’s a great career for introverts who like to spend time working on their own as long as possible. With the salary averaging around $64 per hour, being an actuary is not only a great career path, but it also comes with a great income as well.

3. Architect

Architects spend almost all of their time working individually. They plan and design buildings including houses, offices, malls, etc. This job will suit you well if you’re a creative type and are into problem-solving for solutions.

This job won’t need to involve a lot of people to work on a project – often a solo or duo arrangement is enough to tackle most contracts. It also comes with great pay at $62 per hour. Physically you might need to meet with clients every once in a while at the construction site to go over the plans and oversee progress.

The Good Samaritan Type

As implied by the name, these good Samaritan jobs are a great fit for people who want to work on improving other people’s lives, but don’t want to necessarily work with the crowd. Even though you probably don’t like to go out in public very often, you have a deep humanitarian desire in your heart and want your job to reflect that.

4. Psychiatrist

If you’ve got a ton of interest in working with mental health, becoming a psychiatrist might be a great career path for you.

You’ll be working in an environment-controlled space and generally with only 1-2 people at a time. Your time will be spent diagnosing and prescribing medication in accordance with the patient’s mental disorder. It comes with a hefty salary of about $138 an hour.

If you go this route, is not an easy one. However, it is deeply fulfilling. You’ll be required to go to college for four years, followed by four years of medical school to get a medical doctor’s degree, followed by four years of residency training before you can start to work independently.

The journey to the job is going to be a little tough on introverts, since a lot of the training process requires extensive social interactions. If you can tough it out, the outcome will be very rewarding both professionally and financially.

5. Therapist

Lots of introverts are really good listeners, and that’s what makes them awesome candidates to be involved in administering therapy to patients.

The salary isn’t as high as a psychiatrist’s salary, but it also doesn’t require you to go through the extra eight years of schooling and training to start working.

The hourly salary generally starts at around $35.

The Online Expert

In the online world of sales and marketing, there are a lot of opportunities for introverts to seize for themselves to make money. There are millions of businesses around the world looking to outsource various aspects of their marketing strategy.

6. Digital Marketer

There are a lot of up-and-coming agencies and there always looking to hire more and more people every day. If your interest is to promote products and services, this job may suit you well. You’ll be working with various social platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Pinterest. Your job will be to come up with ad creatives and send them to the right audience.

As a digital marketer, you have the opportunity to use your creative abilities to produce compelling content. Simply put, a digital marketer is required to promote products and services through various digital mediums. The best part about this job is that it’s dependent mainly on the internet and mobile technology, so remote digital marketing jobs are becoming the norm.

Digital marketers typically wear many hats as they overlook various areas, including social media, SEO, email marketing, online display ads, client websites, and blogs. Additionally, they need to be versed in navigating digital analytics to optimize brand performance throughout digital mediums.

These jobs tend to be remote, and you will likely have to communicate with colleagues about the direction of marketing for the client every once in a while, but mainly through email and perhaps Zoom. As long as you’re not a client account manager or in sales, you’ll have minimal interaction with clients.

Depending on your position and time in the company, the salaries can range from $30-$75 an hour.

7. Website Developer

If you love programming languages and have a knack for great designs, this job is a must consider.

You will be designing, creating, coding, and updating websites either from scratch or as an ongoing process.

You can either work for yourself on various platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, or Codeable.io, or you can choose to work for an agency or company that specializes in the services.

The salary you can expect with this skill is generally around $58k up to and above six figures a year.

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The Leader Type

If you’ve got a passion or desire to lead others, you might want to consider these jobs. Being the head of a group doesn’t mean that you have to directly work in the same physical location in space as your team. You can still thrive as an introvert and delegate tasks from your private office.

These types of jobs require that you be independent, disciplined, empathetic, and good with logistics. Introverts who love maximizing operational efficiency and figuring out logistics will do well in these positions.

8. Executive Chef

Think you’ve got an elevated palate? Are you interested in cuisines from all over the world?

Executive chefs are involved in all aspects of the prep, cooking, and plating process – including ensuring the preparation of everything to the correct standard, training new staff, creating menus, inventory, and cost control.

You’ll be in charge of a good number of staff members depending on how big the restaurant you’re working at is. And you’ll have to use your voice to get things done. But most of the time, you’ll be in your own zone and any chit-chat will be kept to a minimum.

Depending on the tier of restaurant you’re working at, you can make around $28 per hour all the way up to six figures a year.

9. General Manager

Being a general manager is a pretty generic job description, but that’s also the great thing about it. Almost any business will require a manager of some sort, so it’s not a rare sighting. But on the flip side, you’ll probably need to work your way up to it unless you’ve already got experience under your belt.

Also, there are many different tiers of managers depending on the company you’re working for. It’s generally a good career, especially compared to the entry-level employees whose jobs you’ll be managing.

Because of its diversity, its pay also varies quite a bit and can be as low as $16 per hour and easily up into near or above six figures.

The Expert Coder

Being a coder nowadays is considered one of the best fields to get into. It’s got a lot of freedom and opportunities for remote work. It’s perfect for introverts who like to keep to themselves with the occasional Zoom meeting here and there. Introverts thrive in this area, and in fact, a good percentage of programmers are indeed introverts as it fits their personality well.

And within the field, there are a lot of different areas and specializations to get into. Furthermore, they all pay very decently, so salaries are almost never an issue.

Currently, the world is short of the total amount of programmers needed, thus demand is high and you should be able to find a job fairly easily. Let’s take a look at some of the different jobs you can take on as a coder.

10. Application Developer

Creating, designing, and updating programs or applications for various devices are the responsibilities of this job. Once you’ve finished the original applications, the job doesn’t end there. There are always updates and bug fixes that need to be done to keep the application working well and smoothly, especially following any technical and technological updates.

Offering the possibility of working remotely for both full-time and self-employed workers, this could be a perfect job for you. It comes with a decent salary of at least $43 an hour to start off with but can advance much higher.

11. Game Designer

A game designer is a dream job for a lot of people. And it’s not just a pipe dream. There are actually tons of companies looking to hire proficient and capable programmers to help out in building a game from the ground up.

If this is something you’ve always dreamed of, I’d say go for it and make it a reality. These days, anything is a possibility.

12. Software Test Engineer

As a software test engineer, you’ll be working on analyzing software programs along with implementing and creating different methods of testing. It’s a fantastic career path for introverted techies.

It also pays well, starting at around $49 an hour. Not bad at all, and it can become a lot higher with experience.

Freedom Workers

As the name implies, people working in these types of jobs value their freedom. And who doesn’t value their freedom to some extent? Both introverts and extroverts alike can be drawn to these types of jobs, albeit for different reasons. The ability to work for yourself and to work anywhere you want to work? Count me in. Want to take a vacation while working? Go right ahead.  

13. Editor

As an editor, you’ll most likely be working for an online publication or newsletter, or even a mom and pop blog. Generally, all communication will be done via email or a chat program, and there may be some Zoom meetings from time to time, but most likely not.

It really gives you the freedom to be your own boss and work at whatever time you work best. If you’re a night owl, go ahead and work those dark hours. If you prefer to split your time throughout the day, do so in whatever manner you wish.

Don’t get the idea that you won’t have to communicate with anyone; you most definitely will have to in order to come up with content topics and give direction. But other than that, you’ll be keeping to yourself and your own work ethic.

These kinds of jobs, that is, editors of various communication and media companies, are readily available and offer around $60k to $100k per year.

14. Photographer

Do you love to capture moments in life? Or do you see the world in a creative way? Becoming a photographer just might be the gig for you.

And yes, you’ll be dealing with many clients. However, the process is quite straightforward, depending on the type of photography you’ll be doing.

For example, if you’re in the wedding photo industry, which is one of the more hectic but better-paying ones to do, you’ll still have a basic linear routine that you abide by. Once you’ve got that routine down, you’ll be engaging the clients in a way that is still conducive to an introverted personality. Additionally, you’ll mainly be focusing on the task at hand, so you’ll be in the zone most of the time.

You can pick various photo niches such as travel, wedding, portrait, and landscape photography. The options are endless, and they each pay different rates. But generally, expect around $50k to $90k a year doing this.

15. Video Editor

This is another one for creative job seekers! Since the rise of social media technology, video editing careers have been concurrently growing in demand. A video editor edits and manipulates all digital footage, including film and video. They design visual projects that accurately depict the premise of the video. They need to be skilled in using complex editing software to piece together stills, footage, sound effects, dialog, and animation effects.

Video editing jobs can be found anywhere. This includes large companies, startups, and freelancing platforms where social media creators seek to hire. When you watch your favorite YouTube videos, the hard work in creating that seamless content was done by a video editor. Since this career has become increasingly in demand, many video editors choose to work remotely as freelancers. They’ll usually offer contract services to multiple clients at a time.

Video editor salaries range widely between $16.35 to $37.50 per hour.

16. Writer

If you’re passionate about creating stories or researching topics to put into words, consider becoming a writer.

Since most introverts do much better expressing themselves through writing rather than verbally, jobs such as content writing, technical writing, creative writing, or even copywriting are wonderful options to consider.

It’s similar to what being an editor would consist of, however, you’ll be doing most of the prep work that comes with content creation. You’ll be more focused on one piece of content for a longer period of time and you’ll be doing revisions as your editor sees fit.

As a writer, you will be responsible for drafting written content that aligns with your client’s needs. It requires researching industry-related topics, which often includes interviewing to gather primary information. Writers must have the ability to prepare well-structured drafts despite the subject. They must possess the skills to create content for articles, blogs, product descriptions, social media, and client websites.

Most communication consists of one-on-one feedback with the editor that you’re working with. And depending on the quality of your content, you’ll be able to command a good salary, but probably one that falls under your editor’s pay.

In conclusion

All of the above are excellent job and career options for introverts. And no, they don’t necessarily exclude social interaction with colleagues, team members, or clients, but they do allow introverts to thrive in doing what they do best.

Let’s do a quick recap of these awesome job and career options for introverts:

  1. Accountant
  2. Actuary
  3. Architect
  4. Psychiatrist
  5. Therapist
  6. Digital Marketer
  7. Website Developer
  8. Executive Chef
  9. Manager
  10. Application Developer
  11. Game Designer
  12. Software Test Engineer
  13. Editor
  14. Photographer
  15. Video Editor
  16. Writer

If you’re an introvert, hopefully, you’ve figured out by now which sub-type you are and are able to choose from some of the above gig ideas. Let us know which one you are and if you think these jobs are perfect for you!

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