Best Financial Tools We Recommend To Help Save You Money

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Here are some of our favorite products that we like to use. As always, if you think there are better products out there that should be featured here, please let us know. We always want to share the best and only the best for our readers. Without further ado, here’s our list:

Best Financial Tool To Organize Your Finances

Personal Capital

It’s free. It’s got a great user interface. Personal Capital is often compared to Mint and we get why. They’re both free and work really well. However, we want to recommend as few apps as possible to keep your digital life simple, and Personal Capital is the better net worth tracker in our humble opinion.

Best Tool To Cut Bills And Unused Subscriptions

Rocket Money

If you’re like most, you’ve got dozens of subscription services and bills and you’re paying for them on a monthly basis. Keeping track of your monthly expenses isn’t an easy job, and you can often find yourself occupied for hours trying to sort things out. You may have even forgotten that you’ve subscribed to certain services such as cable, audio, or video streaming services that you’re just not using anymore. But you’re still paying for it.

If you don’t want to keep being billed on services you no longer use, there are apps like Truebill to help you organize your finances and cancel relevant subscription services for you. They can save you hundreds, if not thousands per year.

Check out our full Rocket Money review here.

Best Financial Brokerage To Invest With


There are a million reasons to love Vanguard. But the best way to embody everything we adore about it is to take a look at its founder, Jack Bogle (RIP, 2019). He came up with the idea of utilizing index funds as the best way to invest for the common person. Warren Buffett and Tony Robbins agree.

Vanguard does not run itself by answering to filthy rich shareholders, because as soon as you invest in a Vanguard fund, you ARE a shareholder of the company. Management fees are consistently the lowest in the industry. You can get fees as low as 0.03%. That’s a $3 annual fee to invest $10,000 with them. Ridiculous.

Best Health Insurance Alternative

Sedera Health

Healthcare premiums are a joke in the U.S. We’re all for finding better ways to make life less stressful, and Sedera helps with that. You could be paying under $100 per month instead of the $500+ you’re paying right now (yes, we know that’s lowballing it for a lot of families).

Full Sedera Health review here.

Also, if you’re a low-income earner, please please please read on how you have the right to get your medical bills 100% forgiven. It may just save your financial life.

Best Financial Book To Read

Your Money Or Your Life by Vicki Robin

Please. Even if you don’t like reading, read this one book. This is all we’ll recommend as far as required reading. It’s a grossly underestimated change in mindset that will make you look at life, and money, differently. And in a really good way. Great books come and go, but this one has a special place in our hearts.

The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko

We highly recommend reading “The Millionaire Next Door” by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko. This book provides a fascinating analysis of the characteristics and behaviors of millionaires in America, based on empirical data and real-life stories. It reveals that most millionaires are not the flashy, ostentatious types we see in the media, but rather, they live modestly and spend less than they earn.

This book offers practical advice on how to create and maintain wealth, and it’s written in a clear, engaging style that makes it easy to understand. We find the stories of people who have built wealth through hard work, frugality, and sound financial habits to be inspiring and motivating.

Whether you are just starting out on your journey to financial independence or you are already well on your way, “The Millionaire Next Door” is a must-read. It will challenge your assumptions about wealth and provide valuable insights that can help you achieve your financial goals.

Best Budget Cell Phone Plan


Tello is one of the less known phone companies out there, but it is definitely a hidden gem. Tello runs on the T-Mobile network, which provides you with all the service you need. Tello offers a wide range of plan options starting at just $5 a month, yea you read that right, just $5.

Full Tello Mobile review here.

Mint Mobile Wireless

Did you know Ryan Reynolds owns a mobile wireless company? That’s right, the one he owns goes by the name of Mint Mobile. It’s a relative newcomer in the game, and it’s looking to be quite promising. Mobile service starts at $15 a month with unlimited internet for $30 a month and if you’re 55+ years old, you can get that unlimited internet for $15. It uses T-mobile towers and you can bring your own phone. One of the best choices, if not the best to save money.

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