Lil Pump Net Worth [Was J. Cole Right About Him?]

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Net Worth:$8.5 million
YouTube Channel:Lil Pump (@lilpumpeskii)
College:Did not attend (Harvard acceptance was a false rumor)
Full Name:Gazzy Garcia
Date of Birth (Age):August 17, 2000 (22 years old)
Place of Birth:Miami, Florida
Height:5 ft 6 in

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Net Worth of Lil Pump

Lil Pump’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $8.5 million.

He has made almost all of his money through his one record deal with Warner Bros. He started off as a SoundCloud rapper which earned him relatively little and contributed negligibly to his current net worth. He then got a recording deal with Warner Bros for which he received $2 million up front, but his lawyer invalidated that contract stating he was a minor at 17 years of age at the time. Lil Pump got to keep that $2 million. As he rose to even more popularity and was finally of age, he got another recording contract with Warner Bros Records and reportedly signed an $8 million record deal over the course of seven years, along with some royalty agreements. This has contributed to the majority of his net worth, as the $8 million was an advance payment to Lil Pump on top of the $2 million he received prior. In total, he’s received more than $10 million from Warner Bros alone, and unfortunately, it was a bad deal for Warner Bros as Lil Pump started to trend downwards revenue-wise from his music.

How much does Lil Pump earn in a year?

Lil Pump is estimated to be earning slightly over $1 million a year on average for the next several years, due to his contract with Warner Bros Records.

Prior to working with Warner Bros, his self-titled album in 2017 sold 46,000 copies and reached number 3 on the Billboard charts.

While with Warner Bros, he’s released a few albums and tracks, including:

  • Esskeetit
  • Drug Addicts
  • I Love It with Kanye West ft. Adele Givens
  • Multimillionaire
  • Be Like Me

However, with all that money and the backing of a record label behemoth, he managed to sell 48,000 copies, just 2,000 copies more than he did with his self-titled album back in 2017. Plus, his highest chart position on Billboard was as high as number 7, compared with being as high as number 3 back in 2017.

Additionally, he has a YouTube channel by the name of Lil Pump in which he currently has over 17.8 million subscribers.

YouTube channels make between $3 to $5 per 1,000 views. Let’s take the midpoint of that at $4.

Lil Pump has had his channel since 2015 and currently has over 4.1 billion views thus far. With that view count, he has made at least $16.4 million from YouTube ad revenue alone. However, this is likely split with Warner Bros as per an agreed upon amount stated in the contract.

Did Lil Pump Grow Up Rich or Poor?

Lil Pump grew up quite poor. He was born into a low income family and had to deal with the divorce of his parents at a young age. His unstable environment caused him to get in trouble repeatedly at school during his teenage years, and he often took to drugs to cope with it all, leading to a vicious cycle of getting into more trouble and drugs. His grades took a huge hit and he never went to college, nor did he need to as he was lucky enough to eventually find success at such a young age.

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