Linus Tech Tips (Linus Sebastian) Net Worth

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Net Worth:$90 million
Profession/Career:YouTuber, Presenter, Producer, and Entrepreneur
YouTube Channel:Linus Tech Tips
College:University of British Columbia
Major/Degree:Never declared a major
Full Name:Linus Gabriel Sebastian
Date of Birth:August 20, 1986
Place of Birth:Ladner, British Columbia, Canada
Height:6’ 1”
Weight:167 lbs

Who is Linus Sebastian?

Linus Gabriel Sebastian, often known as Linus Tech Tips (LTT), is a prominent Canadian YouTuber, presenter, producer, and creator of the technology-oriented YouTube channel “Linus Tech Tips” (LTT) and its associated channels, such as “Channel Super Fun” and “Techquickie”. LTT is one of the most subscribed-to tech channels on YouTube.

Linus and his team create a variety of videos including reviews, product unboxings, and computer hardware build logs. They’ve gained a reputation for their detailed technical knowledge and humorous, engaging presentation style. Over the years, Linus has expanded his media presence, establishing a strong community of tech enthusiasts and professionals.

Before starting his YouTube career, Linus used to be a presenter for a technology show produced by the now-defunct Canadian online retailer NCIX.

Linus Sebastian’s Net Worth

Linus Sebastian’s net worth is estimated to be around $90 million.

What we know about his YouTube AdSense earnings (based on $5 per 1,000 views, which is roughly the average in the tech niche):

  • Linus Tech Tips (LTT) has over 7.2 billion views with estimated lifetime earnings of $36 million. This is the main channel where they cover a wide range of technology-related topics, from unboxings and reviews to ambitious projects and builds.
  • Techquickie has over 830 million views with estimated lifetime earnings of $4 million. This channel offers quick explanations about various tech topics, trends, and terms.
  • Channel Super Fun has over 355 million views with estimated lifetime earnings of almost $2 million.  A more relaxed channel where the team undertakes various fun challenges, games, and activities.
  • TechLinked has over 464 million views with estimated lifetime earnings of over $2 million.  A channel focused on tech news, providing regular updates on the latest in the tech world in a brief and engaging manner.
  • LMG Clips has over 220 million views with estimated lifetime earnings of over $1 million.  This channel features short clips taken from the main LTT videos, providing bite-sized information or highlights.
  • Mac Address has over 106 million views with estimated lifetime earnings of around $500k. This channel is dedicated to Apple products and related topics.
  • ShortCircuit has over 486 million views with estimated lifetime earnings of over $2 million. On this channel, they present unboxings and first impressions of a wide range of products, not just limited to tech.
  • Linus Cat Tips has over 11 million views with estimated lifetime earnings of over $55k. It’s a nod to the love Linus and many of his viewers have for cats, and it offers a different type of entertainment compared to the more technical and informative videos on his other channels.
  • They’re Just Movies has over 4.4 million views with estimated lifetime earnings of almost $22k. This channel focuses on movie reviews, reactions, and discussions. It’s a testament to the diverse interests of Linus and his team, branching out from purely tech-oriented content to delve into the world of cinema and entertainment.

All of the above add up to roughly 9.6 billion lifetime views with over $47 million in AdSense earnings alone.

Linus has stated in the past that his YouTube AdSense earnings make up one-fourth of his entire earnings. Although it varies slightly from year to year, we can approximate that he’s made over $188 million from all aspects of his ventures combined.

This includes sponsors and sponsored projects, which make up the majority of his earnings at 41% of income, merchandise which makes up 15%, Amazon Associates at 9%, and Floatplane at a modest 6%.

Linus Sebastian’s Rise to Fame

Linus’s passion for technology was evident from an early age. Before becoming the face of one of the most subscribed-to tech channels on YouTube, Linus was much like any tech enthusiast, curious and eager to explore the vast world of computers, gadgets, and electronics.

His true ascent into the tech limelight began at NCIX, a Canadian online computer hardware and software retailer. Linus began his career at NCIX as a sales representative. Given his knack for understanding technology and explaining it in an approachable manner, he soon found himself creating content for the company.

During NCIX Tech Tips

Linus became the host of NCIX’s YouTube channel, “NCIX Tech Tips,” where he would showcase new products, provide tutorials, and offer reviews. During his time at NCIX, Linus developed a unique style that combined technical expertise with an informal and often humorous presentation. This combination made technology accessible to a broad audience, from hardcore tech enthusiasts to casual viewers.

This role set the stage for Linus’s future success in the YouTube tech community. The channel became quite popular and was among the go-to places for tech enthusiasts looking for reviews and information about the latest products.

Transition to Linus Media Group

After gaining significant experience and building a name for himself on the NCIX Tech Tips channel, Linus saw an opportunity to start his own venture. In 2013, he co-founded Linus Media Group with Luke Lafreniere (often known as Luke or “Slick” from his username on the Linus Tech Tips forum). Luke was an employee at NCIX and worked closely with Linus on the NCIX Tech Tips channel.

The duo started having massive success of channels like Linus Tech Tips, Techquickie, and several others. Over the years, Luke has played various roles in the company, including hosting and appearing in many videos across their channels. Linus Tech Tips (LTT) and the other channels grew to become some of the most influential in the tech YouTube community.

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