How To Start Making Money On Fiverr [Today!]

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Can you work a side hustle remotely? You bet you can! There are loads of platforms out there for remote freelance work, but Fiverr still reigns supreme. This online marketplace has tons of features that connect buyers with gigs posted by sellers. When it comes to freelancing, using Fiverr can be the simplest and most efficient way to make money. And if you’re good at it, you can earn a full-time living off the platform.

Let’s dive into it.

What Is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online marketplace that links freelancers with clients for services in eight different categories:

  • Business
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphics & Design
  • Lifestyle
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Tech
  • Video & Animation
  • Writing & Translation

Within these categories, there are loads of subcategories. Think about practically any skill in demand and you’ll probably find it there.

Payment and support are completely handled by the platform, so you won’t be getting any headaches from having to deal with all that.

You can make money on Fiverr doing what you love, whether you’re a writer, web developer, or virtual assistant.

The lowest permitted fee per gig is $5 but that doesn’t mean you should charge $5. It’s just a starting fee. In fact, most jobs on Fiverr are not $5.

On a platform with so many types of gigs on sale, you’ve got to make your gig stand out.

Here are some other ideas for side hustles.

How to fill out your profile on Fiverr

Make your profile as simple as possible. Use simple, straightforward English.

Your potential customer may screen your proficiency in your language simply based off what you write in your profile. This is especially true when trying to promote gigs that are based on writing.

Don’t forget to include work experience in your profile. Only use work experience that is relevant to your gig and consider providing a portfolio with highlights from projects you’ve done in the past. Any samples of what you are trying to sell would improve your chances of getting the job.

The importance of customer reviews and ratings on Fiverr

Think of doing work on Fiverr not as a side job, but rather, treat it as a main job outside of work hours.

Remember that reviews and satisfied customers are important on Fiverr and can impact how visible you are on the platform. Be honest about what you can or cannot provide, and about your skill level. If your skill level is a bit lower than the competition, simply offer a lower price for your services until you become an expert.

Also, don’t simply say yes to any job. The exploratory phase is important for you to try to understand your customer’s requirements, and to decide whether you both want to work with each other.

Bypass this stage and you might earn yourself a bad reputation, even if it’s simply due to miscommunication.

This initial discussion on requirements is also important for you to avoid ‘scope creep,’ which is when the buyer slowly asks for more and more things that were never agreed upon in the first place.

The importance of constant communication on Fiverr 

Just as customer reviews and satisfaction matter, customer support matters and can make a huge difference.

Do your best to be personal but professional in how you communicate with customers and potential customers.

Forgetting to check your Fiverr account messages when you have an order in the works is unprofessional. 

And remember, much of the communication on Fiverr is via messaging on the platform, so you won’t have any of the perks of face-to-face communication. 

Screening buyers on Fiverr

It’ll be important to screen your buyers.

Knowing which customer might become a potential problem is something that comes with experience.

If you are serious about being your own boss, approach your side hustle on Fiverr like one. Ultimately, you’re striving to be a professional running a business.

If you feel that a buyer is not a good fit, it may be better to part ways sooner rather than later. Be proactive. 

Sometimes, buyers might come to you seeking your expert opinion and/or recommendations. They themselves may have no idea what it is that they truly want.

Be sure to listen closely to what they are saying and do your best to provide a solution with the information you’re given. If you need more context, don’t be afraid to ask more questions. Buyers generally appreciate that you’re taking them seriously and that you’re interested in helping them out in any way you can.

If they agree with your assessment and want to go through with your services, be sure to explain to them clearly how you plan to execute your vision. Update them along the way.

How to turn down a customer on Fiverr

If you don’t see yourself being able to help a buyer with a particular job, be courteous and provide advice, help, reference links, etc. However, don’t spend too much time either. Simply show them that you wish to help but can’t do so fully.

Don’t ask for anything in return.

Running ads on Fiverr to promote your gigs

Tagging your gig with the relevant keywords and focusing on customer satisfaction, along with positive reviews, might help you get more visibility on the platform.

However, you can also pay to boost your gig to the top of search results using Fiverr ads.

Interestingly, there are no upfront payments required for sellers to advertise. Instead, ad spend is simply deducted from the seller’s earnings. 

How much does the average Fiverr freelance make?

The average income for Fiverr freelancers can vary greatly depending on the type of service offered, level of experience, quality of work, and demand for the service.

According to Fiverr’s own data, the average freelancer on their platform earns around $300 per project, and some experienced freelancers earn upwards of $1,000 per project. However, it’s important to note that these are just averages and some freelancers may earn more or less than this depending on their individual circumstances.

Fiverr takes a commission from each project completed on its platform, which ranges from 5% to 20%, depending on the total order value and level of the seller account. This means that freelancers may earn less than the listed price of their services due to Fiverr’s commission structure.

What are some alternatives to Fiverr?

There are several alternatives to Fiverr that offer similar services and may be worth considering:

  1. Upwork: Upwork is a popular freelancing platform that offers a wide range of services, including web development, graphic design, writing, and virtual assistance. The platform allows businesses to find and hire freelancers based on their skills and expertise.
  2. Freelancer: Freelancer is a global marketplace for freelancers that offers a wide range of services, including web development, mobile app development, graphic design, and content writing. The platform allows businesses to post projects and receive bids from qualified freelancers.
  3. Guru: Guru is a freelance marketplace that offers services in areas such as web development, design, writing, and marketing. The platform allows businesses to search for and hire freelancers based on their skills and experience.
  4. PeoplePerHour: PeoplePerHour is a freelance marketplace that offers services in areas such as web development, design, writing, and marketing. The platform allows businesses to post projects and receive proposals from qualified freelancers.
  5. Toptal: Toptal is a freelance marketplace that offers high-end services in areas such as web development, design, and finance. The platform carefully vets its freelancers to ensure that they meet strict qualifications and standards.

Final Thoughts

Fiverr is a great platform to start out your side hustle. The great thing about it is that there are tons of sellers on Fiverr that do this as their full-time gig.

You can easily start this out as a part-time hustle and eventually transition with the intent to eventually leave your day job completely.

With enough time and a well-built reputation, you’ll have tons of users flocking to your services, and you’ll potentially be doing something you love on your own time and as your own boss.

What are you waiting for? Get started.

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