Mark Tilbury Net Worth [The TikTok Financial Guru]

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Profession/Career:Social Media Influencer / Entrepreneur
Net Worth:$20-30 million
College:Never Attended
Companies:Model World LTD, Century U.K. LTD & Tilbury Multi-Media LTD
Date of Birth (Age):September 15, 1968 (55 years old)
Place of Birth:Canterbury, United Kingdom

Mark Tilbury’s net worth

Mark Tilbury’s net worth is estimated to be between $20M and $30M as of 2023.

How did Mark Tilbury get to where he is today? Let’s take a deep dive and find out!

Who Is Mark Tilbury?

If you’re not one to frequent the entrepreneurial sides of platforms like YouTube and TikTok, it’s likely you’ve never heard of Mark Tilbury. We’re going to change that today!

Mark Tilbury is a YouTuber, TikToker, entrepreneur, and coach who is best known for producing educational content aimed at helping people make the most out of their money through videos, podcast appearances, and books.

Since he joined YouTube in 2014, Mark has slowly but surely amassed a sizable following of over 1.3M YouTube subscribers. His YouTube success allowed him to branch out into the world of TikTok, where he has grown his reach to an impressive 7M+ followers.

The impressive boomer Mark Tilbury makes such entertaining TikToks and Youtube Shorts that people just can’t stop watching. It really helps that the content itself is very useful and helpful for people of all ages.

Where is Mark Tilbury from?

Mark Tilbury was born in Canterbury, United Kingdom, and currently lives in London.

Mark Tilbury’s age

Mark Tilbury is 55 years old. His date of birth is September 15, 1968.

Did Mark Tilbury grow up poor? His early years

Mark Tilbury has had an entrepreneurial streak in him since early childhood. On his website, he writes about waking up early on weekends to go catch mackerel at the beaches near his home in Kent. He’d catch hundreds and sell them door to door—10 fish for $1!

Despite his business instincts, Mark’s early years were less than ideal. He got his first job at a wooden trashcan manufacturing plant after dropping out of school. According to Mark, the manager was not his biggest fan—refusing to pay him more than $2 per hour and always leaving him the hardest jobs. This would do no favor to his net worth during his younger years.

While this was definitely a rough period for Mark, it forced him to get creative with his finances. Eventually, Mark was at his wit’s end with the constant bullying coming from his manager. He went out on a limb and decided to quit his job. But what now?

He began looking for opportunities to make more money and thus began his journey to increase his net worth.

Mark Tilbury’s intro to building his net worth

To make ends meet, Mark decided to follow his passion for RC models and took up a part-time job at a local distributor as a member of the sales team. In addition, he also started buying and flipping used cars, teaching RC helicopter classes, doing handyman work—any small job he could think of.

There was a problem, though. Mark was working every second of every day, but it wasn’t enough. He was only ever making enough money to pay his bills before starting the same cycle again the next month. No time for friends, family, or fun.

As an RC helicopter instructor, Mark came into contact with a lot of people from the local community. Most of his students were retired, but there was one regular who was around Mark’s age. That didn’t make sense—didn’t he need to work? Eventually, Mark decided to ask him what he did for a living—and the answer changed his life!

The man introduced Mark to the concept of passive income (i.e., building something that makes you money without much effort). While this term is mainstream now, it was the first time Mark had thought of the concept.

It got him thinking about ways that he could start making passive income to break the cycle of sacrificing all his time just for enough money to survive. Maybe then he could start to significantly build up his net worth.

Mark Tilbury’s company: Model World Ltd

The idea for Mark’s first business came to him one day when he was working a shift at the RC model shop. He noticed that a lot of the customers were being scared off by simple (and easily fixable) aspects of the business.

Mark realized that there was an opportunity here. After doing some research, he found a location in Kent to set up shop and launched his first solo business venture—Model World Ltd.

The business was a success from the start. Mark was quickly able to quit his day jobs and focus on Model World full-time. Not only that, but he was also making enough money to start thinking about his long-term future. He was slowly but surely building up his net worth by saving and investing.

As successful as Model World was, Mark knew it couldn’t last forever. The RC model industry was slowly dying, and he needed to find a way to stay relevant. He considered several options, but none of them felt right—that is until he stumbled upon YouTube.

Mark Tilbury’s success on YouTube and TikTok

In 2014, Mark created his now famous YouTube channel. He wanted to create content that would help others learn from his mistakes and successes in business. That’s why he started with videos on passive income, building net worth, investing, and real estate.

To this day, Mark continues to produce regular content for his YouTube channel. His hard work has paid off—he now has over 1.3M subscribers!

On TikTok, he’s got over 7.1M followers! Making him the second-biggest financial TikTok account ever!

Despite all his success, Mark is still focused on the future. He knows that he can’t rest on his laurels if he wants to continue growing his businesses and his net worth.

In the next few years, Mark plans to continue expanding his real estate portfolio to build his net worth further. He’s also looking for ways to branch out into new industries, such as e-commerce and crypto.

Mark Tilbury’s Wife

Mark Tilbury has been married to his wife Kirsten Tilbury for a long time. Although he has not disclosed just how long. Not much is known about Kirsten, but we do know that the couple has a great relationship together.

Is Mark Tilbury legit?

Yes, Mark Tilbury is legit in terms of providing sound financial advice to the younger generation.

The great part is that his content is free and it is up to you as the consumer to decide which of his advice is sound to your situation, as well as which to ignore, if you wish.

Is Mark Tilbury a millionaire?

Yes, Mark Tilbury is a multi-millionaire, with an estimated net worth of $20 to $30 million.

Is Mark Tilbury self-made?

From what we can tell, Mark Tilbury is indeed a self-made millionaire. It’s hard to say what kind of support he’s had from family, but judging from the fact that he worked quite basic jobs when he was younger, he probably didn’t come from ridiculous amounts of money.

How did Mark Tilbury get rich?

Mark Tilbury got rich mostly via his companies and his investments.

His YouTube and TikTok channels do generate generous revenue, as they command a combined viewership of over 8 million subscribers, but they are relatively new sources of income compared to his previous businesses and investments, which have had over 30 years to accumulate compounded wealth.

According to one interview, Mark Tilbury gets about $1500 per month through TikTok’s creator fund, and that is all he gets from TikTok. Because he has his successful businesses, he states that he does not need to make money from sponsored content, which is how a lot of TikTok influencers get paid.

Where Did Mark Tilbury’s Net Worth Come From?

We’ve finally reached the section you’ve all been waiting for—Mark Tilbury’s net worth. We estimate that Mark Tilbury’s net worth is between $20M and $30M.

How did we get that number? Let’s break it down!


Estimating the value of Mark Tilbury’s YouTube channel is hard because… well, it’s hard to estimate the value of a YouTube channel period!

For starters, income from YouTube videos can vary greatly depending on things like the number of views, ad clicks, posting frequency, and channel health.

With all of that in mind, we opted to borrow from the world of blogging for this valuation. When you sell a blog, experts recommend listing the price as 20-30X your monthly revenue (e.g., $1,000 in monthly revenue equals a sale price of $20,000-$30,000).

Now, let’s bring this back to Mark’s YouTube channel. According to Social Blade, the Mark Tilbury channel earns up to $9,000 per month. Based on that number, we can calculate the value of Mark’s YouTube channel—around $270,000.

But, Mark Tilbury is also in a very competitive niche that commands better pay per video view, so it’s quite safe to say that his channel could actually generate more than double the estimated amount in ad revenue, to the tune of up to $18,000 per month. That would bring his channel’s worth to around $540,000.

Brand Deals

Like many internet celebrities, a good portion of Mark’s income comes from the deals he strikes with companies and brands interested in capitalizing on his reach.

While we don’t know the specifics of any of these deals, we do know that Mark has done work with companies like Public, Coinbase, and FTX. And based on what we’ve seen from other influencers with similar followings, it’s safe to say that Mark is making a healthy income from these partnerships.

While it would be impossible to speculate about how much of a kickback Mark gets when a subscriber decides to invest with one of these companies, we do have a primary source—Mark himself! According to Mark, he makes roughly $10,000 per week from brand deals. That’s another $520,000 per year!

Century UK and Model World

Century UK and Model World were Mark Tilbury’s main businesses prior to his rise to YouTube stardom. Both companies manufacture and distribute RC planes, boats, and cars through online stores and a few retail locations in Kent, UK.

Mark has owned these two stores for over 30 years, and often cites them as the source of his wealth today. But how much are they really worth?

According to data from the United Kingdom’s Companies House, Mark Tilbury’s RC businesses have a combined net worth of $550,000. And as the sole director, all of that money belongs to Mark!

In addition, the companies pay out a combined average of around $400,000 per year in taxes, expenses, purchase orders, and employee wages—including Mark’s. Based on that number, we’ve estimated that Mark probably takes home a comfortable director’s salary of around $150,000 per year.

If we assume he’s taken $100,000 home on average over 30 years, that’s a total of $3M going into his bank account. And that’s assuming he hasn’t even invested any of it. This brings us to the next source of income.


Most people are fairly private about their investment portfolios, and Mark Tilbury is no different! We couldn’t find any information about what Mark Tilbury invests in, or how much he has invested. The only information we have about the size of his portfolio is a quote: “I have more [money] in there than I’d ever need”.

With that being said, based on Mark’s historical earnings from his businesses, we’ve estimated the size of his investment portfolio to be around $20M. Not a bad contribution to his overall net worth, I’d say.

Mark Tilbury’s cars

Mark Tilbury is an outspoken lover of all things cars. It started in the early days of his car-flipping side hustle and is still a big part of his life today!

Mark Tilbury’s main car is an $80,000 Tesla Model S which often makes appearances in his YouTube videos. He’s also been known to drive a Ford Fiesta XR2—a car he fell in love with as a kid.

On top of his street cars, Mark is also a big fan of competitive racing. He’s a member of Silver Fox Racing—an amateur racing team that competes in events around the UK. For those curious, Mark has reached the podium in 42% of his races!

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In conclusion

Mark Tilbury is a self-made man with a net worth of between $20M and $30M. He’s built his wealth through a combination of savvy investments, successful businesses, and a high-earning YouTube channel. While he’s not a household name (yet!), he’s well on his way to becoming one of the world’s most popular financial content creators.

Mark Tilbury’s story is the perfect example of what can be achieved with a bit of hard work and a lot of determination. No matter where you are in your financial journey, remember that it’s never too late to start building your own passive income empire and net worth!

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