Memeland Metaverse, NFT, & Crypto [Bringing Humor to the Blockchain]

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Remember the popular comedy content platform called 9Gag? The one widely recognized for its hilarious community generated videos? Well, 9Gag has extended its arms into the metaverse and the result is, as you would expect — the creation of a Memeland NFT collection along with its very own token, $MEME.

Memeland metaverse

A clear reference to the humorous images, videos, and texts that flood the internet, Memeland is simply an effort by 9Gag to bring an element of its humor to the Blockchain in the form of a metaverse. Memeland will be debuting a collection of 9,999 utility-enabled PFPs (Profile Pic) in the form of salty sea captains. You get one of these and you’ll be ready to explore the Broken Sea full of monsters in a quest to win treasures on the Memeland island.

Memeland metaverse features

9Gag has been able to amass its massive following by being as innovative as possible in the creation of its content.

Let’s take a look at some of the awesome features included in the Memeland metaverse for PFP holders:

  • Membership to the Memeland private club
  • Full personal and commercial IP rights for Memeland NFT artwork. Holders can reproduce the artwork and even sell merch!
  • Premium access to free mints and perks
  • Whitelisting to future Memeland NFT projects
  • Rights to participate in the MVP Discord group
  • Chance to earn $MEME token dividends
  • Airdrop rewards
  • Access to the creator NFT marketplace
  • Invitations to IRL events

About the $MEME token

We’ve got a lot of questions about the $MEME token:

  • How much is the mint?
  • When does the mint occur?
  • How soon after the mint can we start earning $MEME?
  • When will we get the reveal?

Unfortunately, they’re keeping their lips tight shut about all the above until they are ready to make an announcement. We do know, however, that the 9,999 PFPs will be distributed via their partners as well as raffles. You’ll have to get on the guaranteed mint allowlist (Memelist) via one of those two ways we just mentioned.

How does Memeland plan to make money?

Memeland will take 6.9% of secondary sales that occur on their platform. They then state that they plan to “Hire more full-time team members, fund operations, & deliver even more value to the community.”

Is Memeland legit?

Memeland is most definitely a legit project and a safe one to invest with in terms of trustworthiness of the company and the team. 9Gag is a huge platform, and to say that the team of advisors and investors are stellar is an understatement. Take a look at some of the advisors/investors involved with Memeland:

  • Gary Vee
  • Kevin Rose
  • Tim Ferriss
  • HypeBeast
  • AngelList
  • Casetify

The resources that 9Gag and the team have at their disposal is immense, and we can’t wait to see how the Memeland metaverse evolves over time.

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. It’s a unique digital asset in that it is stored on the blockchain as a unique string. As a non-fungible item, it cannot be moved, and there can be no copies of it made. As such, it is in a way the best proof of ownership of an asset in the digital space.

As far as what the asset itself stretches as far as your imagination can take you. The obvious application of it is in artwork, but in the metaverse, this can extend to buildings, weapons, clothes, etc. Keep in mind that the digital asset itself, such as the JPEG or GIF is not stored on the blockchain, as that would be too resource-intensive.

To learn more about NFTs, check out our guide to NFTs.

What is a PFP NFT?

PFP NFT stands for Profile Pic Non-Fungible Token. The utility of NFTs as profile pics came about through CryptoPunks original free-to-mint avatar NFTs. CryptoPunks had created an extensive collection of 10,000 NFT avatars, and as luck had it, these NFT avatars started becoming widely used on social media, specifically on Twitter and Discord. Since then, there have been an abundance of companies following suit, but charging for their limited run NFTs. The Bored Ape Yacht Club is a prime example of having had massive success with this. They created 10,000 NFTs and sold them each for about $200 worth in Ethereum for a cool $2M. The worth of these NFTs have skyrocketed from their original purchase prices. Kevin Hart, Eminem, and Post Malone have purchased some of these BAYC NFTs, to name a few celebrities.

Potatoz by Memeland

Potatoz is the base membership NFT for Memeland. There is a grand total of 9,999 Potatoz available for purchase.

You can purchase them here on opensea.

In conclusion

We’re excited about this one, and rightfully so. Many things are kept under wraps for now, but we can’t wait until further announcements are made on this project. Plus, with their all-star investor/advisor team, we have huge expectations for Memeland.

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