Mint Mobile vs. Tello: How to Choose Between the Two

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Have you been looking to take out a new mobile contract, only to find yourself unsure about the differences between the many phone brands?

If this is something you have experienced, don’t worry; we’re on hand today to help you learn more about Mint Mobile vs. Tello, including the pros and cons of each provider and which is the best overall.

Remember: not every mobile service provider is created equally, so it’s important to do your research to check you’ve got the ideal service for your needs.

Who Are Mint Mobile and Tello?

Before going any further, we should start by considering the main differences between Mint Mobile and Tello. Mint Mobile tends to focus more closely on mobile data for its customers, Tello aims to provide a broader service that ensures there is a solution for every customer. Both, offer great service at a much discounted rate from the big name networks.

For a full breakdown of each service, check out our full review of Mint Mobile and Tello Mobile.

What Network Does Tello and Mint Mobile Use?

Mint Mobile and Tello both run on the T-Mobile device network. If you have adequate reception on the T-Mobile network, both Mint and Tello would work for you with no issues.

Winner: Tie

If you do not get reception on the T-Mobile network, check out Google Fi and Visible.

Mint Mobile vs. Tello in Terms of Data Allowances

Let’s face it – one of the biggest features that many of us look for from our mobile network is valuable data plans. Fortunately, both the Mint Mobile and Tello networks offer relatively valuable data allowances that are well worth considering.

With Tello, the maximum data plan available is 25GB on the unlimited plan. Meanwhile, on the Mint Mobile plan, the unlimited data is capped at 35GB.

As such, if you are a heavy mobile data user, Mint Mobile may be a much better option. However, for lower data users, Tello offers the ability to go completely without a minimum data plan if you don’t have any need for mobile data. It’s a great option for people looking for a simple, basic plan that doesn’t come with unnecessary extras.

One feature we should point out here is that the data cap on these “unlimited” plans mean that your data speed simply downgrades automatically until your billing cycle resets. It doesn’t prevent you from using more data.

If you are a user of Tello, you can buy additional pay-as-you-go credit to keep your high-speed data access if you need to.

Meanwhile, Mint Mobile’s main selling point here is that it offers a free 5G connection – you won’t have to pay a premium for this service. Plus, since Mint Mobile runs on the largest current 5G network, you can enjoy greater reliability for your internet connection overall.

Winner: Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile

The OG affordable mobile plan. Service you can trust, prices you will love.

What Are the Minimum Terms for Mint Mobile vs. Tello?

The minimum term of a contract is the duration for which you are tied into the contract – i.e., how long the contract will run. Different contracts have different lengths, which can leave you paying for a set duration of time – potentially when you don’t need a contract for that long.

This is where Tello is a clear winner since the minimum contract length is only one month; if you want to try out the plan, it’s easy to get started! Plus, it’s worth considering that some Tello mobile plans also allow you to easily upgrade or downgrade at any point, so keep an eye out for these to get the most from your mobile plan.

Unfortunately, the contract length for Mint Mobile is a minimum of 3 months. As such, if you choose to go with Mint Mobile, always do plenty of further research to ensure it’s the right plan for you, especially if you’re going for the 6- or 12-month plan. After all, you won’t necessarily be able to cancel your Mint Mobile plan once it’s started. If you want more savings, you would have to opt for the 12 months plan, which makes it not very flexible.

Winner: Tello

How Much do International Calls Cost with Mint Mobile vs. Tello?

One factor you’ll need to consider closely when planning your mobile plan is the cost of international calls. Indeed, even if you only go on holiday occasionally, making international calls can rack up a massive, unexpected bill.

Fortunately, this is less of a concern with Tello, which offers free international calls in around sixty different countries, including India, Mexico, and China. What’s more, Tello also enables free unlimited texting, tethering, and WiFi calling, making it incredibly versatile when you need to make a call abroad.

How does Mint Mobile stack up? Sadly, Mint Mobile isn’t nearly as generous as Tello from the perspective of international calls, with only Mexico and Canada being included for free. However, the platform does work hard to keep its international call costs down, with most international calls costing an average of around $0.01-$0.70 per minute.

As such, if international calls are important for you – for example, if you have family members who live abroad – Tello might be the clear winner here. On the other hand, you could very quickly rack up your bill relying on Mint Mobile to make your international calls.

Winner: Tello

How Do Costs Compare with Mint Mobile vs. Tello?

Another vital factor to consider is the cost of each plan. Indeed, we’ve already outlined how Mint Mobile and Tello differ in terms of international costs. But which provider offers better value overall?

Well, comparing Mint Mobile vs. Tello on cost is a little tricky since these two providers offer very different services. Moreover, every customer’s perception of good value will differ based on their needs.

For example, while some people will want a plan that offers a little of everything, others might be heavily focused on getting the cheapest plan possible. With this in mind, value-for-money is hard to address, but we can summarize it as follows:

  • If you’re looking for the absolute cheapest plans, Tello may be your top choice. With plans starting from just $5 per month, it’s genuinely hard to find any other plan that can rival this price.
  • However, if you want the most features for the money, Mint Mobile may be the better option, providing excellent mobile data packages and highly effective coverage overall.

Winner: Tello

Is Mint Mobile or Tello Better For Unlimited Data Plans?

Although Tello is cheaper overall, when it comes to unlimited data plans, Mint Mobile takes the cake. Mint Mobile is currently running a sale with buy 3 months get 3 months free, which means you can get unlimited data for only $15 a month. Be sure to look out for more deals when you renew, since the price does get to $30-$35 if you pay full price.

Winner: Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile

The OG affordable mobile plan. Service you can trust, prices you will love.

Do Mint Mobile and Tello Allow Personal Hotspots?

Both Mint Mobile and Tello can support mobile data plans – however, if you intend to use your mobile data for personal hotspot (for example, for connecting your phone to a PC for internet while on the go), Tello is the brand to choose. The reason for this is that Mint Mobile only allows up to 5GB of personal hotspot use, even on the unlimited internet plan. Therefore, if you need to rely on a personal hotspot regularly, Tello is better. We should also point out that Mint Mobile restricts video streaming to 480p, while there is no cap for Tello, except for the amount of data you signed up for.

Winner: Tello

Tello Mobile

The ultimate choice for flexibility. Service you can trust, for the price you want to pay.

Which Plan Offers Greater Customization Between Mint Mobile vs. Tello?

One factor that many people want from their mobile plans these days is customization potential – i.e., the ability to tailor a plan based on your specific requirements. In this regard, Tello is a clear winner overall, allowing its customers to choose more specifically what they need from their mobile plan. Tello allows you to choose the minutes you need in addition to the amount of data. If you do not make a lot of phone calls, you can save money on your plans. Something no other service offers anymore.

However, Mint Mobile is still a reliable solution, and while it doesn’t allow you to customize your mobile plan quite as thoroughly, it nevertheless remains a valuable option with several different plans. As such, if you are happy with a plan that’s not quite as unique to your needs, Mint Mobile may still be worth choosing.

Overall, this decision will largely depend on what you need from your mobile service provider. If you’re happy with a more generic solution, Mint Mobile could be a good choice. However, Tello offers slightly more customization potential if you have more specific requirements.

Winner: Tello

Final Thoughts on Mint Mobile vs. Tello

Overall, it can often seem a little hard to determine the most suitable mobile coverage provider for your device. However, if you’ve been considering Mint Mobile vs. Tello, we’d generally be inclined to recommend Tello as a top choice for most users.

Even with its minimum pricing being lower than Mint Mobile’s, Tello offers numerous excellent features that could make it a great value-for-money solution. And while the lower mobile data caps are a frustration, you should also remember that you can buy additional pay-as-you-go credit to keep your high-speed data access if needed. There’s also no specific streaming quality or personal hotspot cap, so you’ll enjoy far greater freedom with Tello as a result.

Tello Mobile

The ultimate choice for flexibility. Service you can trust, for the price you want to pay.

However, if you need large amounts of mobile data, Mint Mobile might be your better option.

What do you think? Have you had any experience with either Mint Mobile or Tello? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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