9 Most Expensive Beers in the World [Some Are Actually Affordable!]

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Alcohol is expensive, there’s no doubt about that. But when someone mentions expensive alcohol, let’s be honest, you don’t ever think of beer. Some of these prices may shock you, after all, how much can beer cost, really.

Sadly, a lot of these beers are limited runs and can no longer be purchased. But it still gives you a good idea of how much they can really cost.

What is the average cost of beer?

The average cost of a beer can vary greatly depending on the location and the type of beer. In general, the cost of a beer can range from a few dollars to over $10 per pint. In the United States, the average cost of a domestic beer at a bar or restaurant is around $5, while a craft beer may cost around $7 or $8.

However, prices can vary significantly depending on the city or region. In other countries, the cost of a beer can also vary greatly depending on the local economy, taxes, and other factors. It is best to check local prices to get a more accurate estimate.

9th Most Expensive Beer

Sapporo Space Barley [$110 for a six-pack]

This Space Barley beer by Sapporo is actually from space, believe it or not. How did this happen? Well, Sapporo claims to have been interested in researching the viability of achieving self-sufficiency in space with regards to food and drink. Turns out, the research was a success!

This beer comes from seedlings of barley that have been in space and back to earth. Unfortunately, the most affordable beer on this list is no longer available to purchase, as only 250 were available and the money has since gone towards charity as originally intended by Sapporo. 

8th Most Expensive Beer

Samuel Adams’ Utopias [$400]

This one’s a strong 28% ABV, and it includes a blend of batches of beer aged in bourbon barrels, some over 25 years old. It’s surprisingly on the sweeter side, reminiscent of a dessert wine. This blend of beers is illegal in 15 states, so if it looks like something you’d be tempted to buy, first make sure that it’s allowed in your state. If it’s not, you always have the option to uproot your life and live in another state.

7th Most Expensive Beer

Pabst Blue Ribbon 1844-pack  [$850]

You’ve read that right. It’s not a beer from 1844. It’s actually a 1,844 pack of plain ol’ Pabst Blue Ribbon. And that’s a good thing! Depending on how you look at it, this can actually be the most affordable beer on this list. A pack of 1,844 cans for $850 turns out to be approximately $0.46 per can. I’d totally consider buying this. I’d just need to find a way to transport it to the house. Probably by U-Haul is best.

6th Most Expensive Beer

The Lost Abbey’s Cable Car Kriek Ale [$923]

The Cable Car Kriek Ale is an American beer that comes from San Marcos, California. It’s got a sweet cherry taste with complex fruity flavors present throughout. This beer made its debut in 2011 as an extremely limited run, so you’ll be hard-pressed to find a bottle for sale. However, those who’ve tasted this beer have given it glowing reviews. If you ever get to try this one, you’re a lucky one for sure.

5th Most Expensive Beer

Nail Brewing’s Antarctic Nail Ale [$1,815]

This Antarctic Nail Ale gets the title of the most expensive Australian beer. It’s 4.6% ABV, and it’s claim to fame is the fact that it has been made with melted water that comes from a block of pure Antarctic ice. There have been only 30 of these ever bottled. However, this expensive bottle of beer was sold for a good cause. It was sold at an auction to benefit the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. If you’re wondering about the taste of this beer, it’s slightly on the bitter side.

4th Most Expensive Beer

Cantillon Loerik 1998 [$2,583]

The Cantillon Loerik is a blend of one-, two-, and three-year old lambics. This creates a second fermentation within the bottle, but sometimes, it just takes its sweet, sweet time. The wait is worth it though, as it can deliver an extremely complex flavor. It’s quite aptly named, as the namesake is slang for ‘lazy boy,’ and the yeast in this beer often takes such a long time to referment that it can seem a bit lazy in its process.

3rd Most Expensive Beer

Tutankhamun Ale [$6,800]

Ever felt the desire to drink the same beer as King Tut and his mother-in-law, Queen Nefertiti back in the day? It won’t be the exact recipe, but it’s probably the closest you’ll ever come to it. The Tutankhamun Ale is a spice & herbs kind of beer produced by the world renown Heineken. It was created after a 3,000+ year old recipe was discovered in Queen Nefertiti’s Royal Brewery in Egypt. Unfortunately, this beer is no longer in production, so any of its kind that’s left is understandably expensive due to its rarity. 6% ABV and quite a pleasant surprise, according to those who’ve been lucky enough to try it out.

2nd Most Expensive Beer

BrewDog The End of History [$20,000]

The second most expensive beer is wrapped in roadkill. The beer is a high-alcohol beer brewed with nettles and juniper berries, and it’s then aged in whiskey casks for six months. What makes it so expensive is that each bottle is presented in a unique and unconventional way: the beer is bottled inside a taxidermied squirrel, stoat, or hare, and each animal has been specially sourced and prepared by a taxidermist.

This Belgian blonde ale is a 55% ABV beer that includes Scottish Highland nettles as well as some juniper berries for a nice, complex taste. Is that taste what you’re paying $20K for? Part of it, yes, but not all of it. By paying $20K, you’re actually buying part ownership into the brewery company’s “Equity for Punks” crowdfunded initiative, and you’re joining around 50,000 other investors around the world who’ve done the same.

The $20K is an investment, so you have the possibility to make some or all of your money back if things go well. The taxidermized beer that comes with it? Well, that’s just icing on the cake.

The #1 Most Expensive Beer in the World

Arctic Ale by Allsopp’s [$503,300]

And, we’re here! The number one most expensive beer in the world: the Arctic Ale by Allsopp’s with a whopping $500K+ price tag. Why? Legend has it that this is the very bottle that Sir Edward Belcher took with him in his Arctic expedition to find John Franklin and his crew back in 1852.

The beer has an ABV of around 10%, which allowed it to keep from freezing during sub-zero temperatures. It makes sense. Is it true? Well, no one quite knows. But it comes with an old handwritten note that purports it. If you were thinking of buying this one, we recommend doing so at your own risk.

There you have it! The world’s most expensive beers in all their glory. What did you think? Is there a beer you’d love to add to your wish list? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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