Nile Niami Net Worth (How He Got There)

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Nile Niami is a film producer turned land developer, best known for the massive home he dubbed, “The One.” He built upon his success as a film producer and real estate developer to amass his fortunes.

How much is he worth, exactly? In the article below, we’ll walk you through his net worth. We’ll also give you some insight as to how he earned his millions.

Who is Nile Niami?

Nile Niami is a real estate developer based in Southern California. He first stepped into the public eye as a film producer, producing over a dozen films over the years. Since then, he’s worked on building and renovating large homes in the Los Angeles area.

He was married to Yvonne Niami for nearly two decades, although the couple divorced in 2017. During their marriage, they participated in many philanthropic endeavors. The divorced couple share their two sons, Bryce and Brent.

Nile Niami’s Early Success

Nile Niami was born on February 25, 1968 in Los Angeles, California. His mom, who raised him alone, was a special education teacher. In 2001, she was tragically killed during a home invasion.

Nile began his career as a film producer. During his career, he produced about a dozen films. Most of these films were B movies, helping him start his fortune.

As his career in film came to a close, Nile began working as a real estate developer. He built condos and reimagined homes in the greater Los Angeles area. He built two mansions in the Holmby Hills neighborhood. One was sold to a Saudi buyer for $44 million and the other was sold to musician Sean “P. Diddy” Combs for $39 million.

Nile worked with architect Paul McClean to build a house for the twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. He also built a massive home in Trousdale Estates (a neighborhood in Beverly Hills) that featured a spinning car turntable visible from the living room.

In a failed venture, Nile created an app for single men looking for friends. His app, Wolfpack, is no longer available.

Nile Niami’s Work Today

Nile Niami continues to work as a real estate developer to this day. His largest and most famous build, a house called “The One,” has been the topic of many front-page news reports in 2021 and 2022. This Bel Air mega-mansion is another collaboration between Niami and Paul McClean.

The massive house is over a hundred thousand square feet, making it one of the biggest personal homes in the United States. With an original list price of $340 million, it was set to be the most expensive personal home in the country.

“The One” has nine bedrooms, multiple kitchens, an entire nightclub, a bowling alley, a complete gym, and a home theater with fifty seats. It also has a massive underground garage that can hold fifty cars. To add to the extravagance of the home, there’s a moat surrounding the entire estate.

In March 2021, Crestlloyd (Nile Niami’s LLC) defaulted on over $165 million worth of debt from the construction of “The One.” Because of the debt, the massive mansion went into receivership. Crestlloyd filed for bankruptcy in October 2021 and the home was put into receivership by the courts, where Ted Lanes of Lanes Management would complete and sell the home.

What is Nile Niami’s Net Worth?

Nile Niami’s net worth is calculated based on his income from his time in film and his years as a real estate developer. Although his LLC, Crestlloyd, declared bankruptcy, Niami continues to hold onto his personal wealth.

Estimates for Niami’s net worth sit around $50 million. However, some experts place his net worth significantly lower, around $10 million.

How Did Nile Niami Make His Fortune?

Nile Niami made his fortune through film and real estate development. While his time in film certainly helped him kickstart his fortune, his work as a real estate developer brought in the bulk of his wealth.


Nile Niami got his start as a film producer. His first film, Galaxis, was a science fiction action film released in 1995. It was written by Nick Davis and directed by William Mesa. The cast included Craig Fairbrass, Richard Moll, and Brigitte Neilsen.

This first film received many negative reviews. Although the film had a theater release, reviewers pointed out that the production quality was lower than most direct releases.

Niami later produced D.N.A., a science fiction horror and action film. This film was released in 1997 and directed by William Mesa. The case included Jurgen Prochnow and Mark Damascus. This film’s title varies around the world, in some places renamed A.D.N. and in others renamed Genetic Code.

In 1998, Niami produced Point Blank, a direct-release film starring Mickey Rourke. The film was directed by Matt Early Beesley. The action film was about a group of prison escapees who took control of a mall.

In 1999, Niami produced a horror film, Resurrection. It was directed by Russel Mulcahy and starred Robert Joy, Leland Orser, and Christopher Lambert. David Cronenberg also had a cameo role in the film as a priest.

Nile Niami also produced T.N.T. (1997), The Patriot (1998), The Survivor (1998), Justice (1999), The Watcher (2000), Tart (2001) and Camouflage (2001).

Real Estate Development

After spending several years in film production, Nile Niami began working in real estate development. He worked on developing and flipping houses. Many of the homes he built sold for significant sums, helping him to amass his fortune.

His average annual salary is around $97,911 each year. However, he also made money on top of that with his real estate sales, upping his average annual income significantly.

Social Media

Nile Niami is not particularly active on social media sites. Most of his accounts are verified accounts, something many high-profile individuals do to assure followers of their authenticity. However, Nile Niami has a verified Instagram profile, where he’s shared only six posts. All six posts showed up in May 2022, a sign that future social media engagement may be on the horizon for the real estate developer.

While he occasionally uses social media, he gains no income from his social media accounts. Outside of his endeavor with his app, Wolfpack, Niami remained mostly offline until early 2022. He is currently working on launching The One Truth Network, a massive undertaking set to be released in early June 2022.

Nile Niami Highlights

Nile Niami’s most significant project is “The One,” a massive mansion that he originally intended to sell for $500 million. Outside of “The One,” Niami has also worked extensively with top-tier architect, Paul McClean.

“The One”

“The One” is Nile Niami’s most ambitious project. The home made waves with its enormous size and $500 million price tag. As he completed the project, Niami changed his tune and settled on a price tag of $340 million.

Unfortunately, the property was seized when Niami’s company filed for bankruptcy. In January 2022, the enormous property was listed for $295 million. After several controversies surrounding the property, it was sold in March 2022 for $126 million, a far cry from the original $500 million.

Collaborations with Paul McClean

Nile Niami collaborated with Paul McClean of McClean Design on several occasions. The duo worked together to create a home for twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. Most significantly, McClean helped Niami to design “The One.”

Paul McClean is an architect extraordinaire, trained in Ireland and working in the greater Los Angeles area since 2000. McClean Design has grown over the years, becoming one of the most prominent contemporary residential design firms in Southern California.

McClean uses his years of experience to create visually interesting, modern living areas. He’s passionate about helping connect modern living with the surrounding natural features of a property. This allows him to blend indoor and outdoor spaces, giving homes a modern, yet natural feel.

Final Thoughts

Nile Niami has a net worth of around $50 million. He gained his wealth from his years as a film producer, followed by two decades of work as a real estate developer. In recent years, his massive mega-mansion, “The One,” has made headlines across the country.

Unfortunately, this massive project caused Niami’s company, Crestlloyd, to declare bankruptcy. Instead of selling the massive home for $340 million as planned, it was sold at auction to recoup some of the debt incurred by Niami’s company. It sold for only $126 million, a price significantly lower than originally projected.

Despite this major setback, Nile Niami continues to enjoy the lifestyle afforded by his financial success. Recent posts on his verified Instagram account point to his current project, The One Truth Network. Niami’s site invites viewers to come see inside his inner life through regularly shared video content.

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