12 Unique Piggy Banks For Adults [No One Will Know #7 Is A Piggy Bank]

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Are you thinking of an easy way to cultivate a saving mentality? Using a piggy bank is an awesome way to do all of that and more.

Most adults don’t usually consider saving with a piggy bank as it’s often seen as child’s play. But who says having fun is just for kids? It would do us all some good to tap into our inner child from time to time.

We’ve gone ahead and curated 12 unique piggy banks we think you’ll have fun with. Go ahead and take a gander to see if you jive with any of them.

But before that, let’s get into how you can actually use these piggy banks to smash your financial goals.

How You Can Use Your Piggy Bank To Help Build A Saving Mentality

There are various ways to encourage saving habits with piggy banks. You could easily make a game or challenge out of it.

Clark.com’s Micheal Timmerman advocates for a $5 savings challenge. According to him, it’s an easy and straightforward way to save, even if it’s a little at a time. It encourages participants to try and tuck their $5 bills away any time they get one.

You can just as easily customize it to your own liking. Any loose change, less than $5, more than $5, more than $100, it’s your choice.

Another fantastic way to encourage savings with a piggy bank is to get a piggy bank that is customized to suit your taste. Something that will get your excitement juices flowing. Whatever gives you the best chance to get excited about saving money.

Depending on what goals you want your piggy bank to help you attain, whether it be discipline, developing a saving mindset, or stashing up excess cash, there’s always a piggy bank out there calling your name.

And if don’t find one that calls out to you in the following list, you could always make one yourself and customize it to your own taste!

12 Unique Piggy Banks You Can Use Right Now

Let’s take a look at 12 examples of our favorite adult piggy banks, something that you would be proud to use and boast to your friends about.

1. Ceramic Savings Piggy Bank

Don’t underestimate it just because of its simplicity and functional design. This piggy bank works perfectly well at helping you build the right attitude towards savings. It’s got a glossy white finish that easily blends in with any decor, and it can be decorated to suit your taste.

Its design enables you to you overcome the urge of digging into savings before you’ve smashed your goals. It’s perfect if your goal is a piggy bank that’ll limit your access to your money until you’re ready to cash out, as your only option is to break it before you can gain access to your savings.

2. Rustic Barrel Piggy Bank

The rustic piggy bank might be the perfect solution if you’re looking for a piggy bank that can help you out with saving while adding a touch of class to your home.

This lovely piggy bank adds a stylish, rustic feel to any home or living space.

It comes fitted with a large lid on top to make it easy for you to access your saved cash. It’s a great gift option for friends or family that enjoy that classic rustic look.

3. Decorative Glass Box Wooden Frame for Coins and Cash

Thinking of gifting a loved one or yourself something thoughtful and nice?

The “Make Your Dreams Happen” wooden piggy bank is a great choice. This beautiful glass box wooden framed piggy bank is one adult piggy bank totally worth it.

It’s got a wooden shadow box frame with a “Make Your Dreams Happen” inscription written on it. It’s the perfect motivation for you to keep hacking at your savings goal.

Its transparent plexiglass also allows you to monitor your progress for those who don’t deal well with suspense and who love to visually watch their money pile up as a source of inspiration.

Don’t worry, you won’t be breaking any glass here. It comes fitted with a solid and easy-to-open design. With four simple twists at the back, your piggy bank can be easily opened.

4. Large Acrylic Money Saving Jar for Coins and Cash

This translucent piggy bank has a simple and sleek design that would pair well as a minimalist interior decor item. This acrylic money-saving jar can surprisingly collect up to three thousand coins and hold over $1,800 in one-dollar coins.

Of course, its glass design allows you to easily monitor your progress. Its only opening is a long slit at the top, which you’ll be using to slip in money.

This means that in order to access your savings, you’ll have to break it. This should act as an incentive to leave your money untouched until you reach your ultimate savings goal.

5. Zeinum Unicorn Piggy Bank

Who can say no to unicorns? If unicorns are your thing, then this is the perfect piggy bank for you. This large unicorn piggy bank is beautiful to look at and just makes you want to fill it up some more!

It’s decorative and has transparent sides that let you watch your savings grow. It comes in four colors for you to choose from: teal, pink, rainbow, and pastel.

The awesome thing is you don’t have to break open your piggy bank to monitor or access the cash you’ve saved up. To access your accumulated savings, simply unscrew its glass sides and screw it back on when you’re done.

6. H&W Cute Mouse Coin Piggy Bank

This is certainly a unique piggy bank to stash your stealthy wealth.

It’s a beautiful mouse statue, what more is there to say? It’s superb as a decoration for your home and can be placed discreetly or out in the open.

The mouse’s mouth serves as an opening for you to put in your coins and bills.

It’s designed with a solid and durable material, which makes it fall-resistant. You don’t have to be worried about it breaking if it gets knocked over or mishandled. It’s reusable and has an opening at the bottom to allow you to access your money whenever you’re done saving.

It’s quite sizable at 6.3″ (L) x 6.3″ (W) x 8.3″ (H), making it big enough to accommodate a large amount of change. Believe it or not, it can hold up to at least a thousand coins. Its beautiful design allows you to save in plain sight.

Plus, it’s a great conversation starter.

7. Everly Quinn Dog Carved Dog Piggy Bank

This beautiful marble-like dog piggy bank is the perfect example of an inconspicuous piggy bank. It looks entirely like an artistic decorative piece with its stunning, three-dimensionally carved design

You could keep this in your living room, bedroom, office, bathroom, or kitchen. No one would be none the wiser.

It’s got a wide enough slot for both coin and cash at the top of its head, along with a removable rubber stopper at the bottom.

When you feel like you’ve hit your savings goals, or the time has come for you to dip into your savings, the rubber stopper is easily removable.

8. ALLOMN Book Safe Piggy Bank

This book safe, made of durable metal, is another example of an inconspicuous piggy bank.

It also doubles as a safe and can be used anywhere.

The space that serves as a lockbox is more than enough to store your savings and other valuables such as your jewelry, cash, credit cards, or other important items that you might need to tuck away.

It’s suitable for travel and fits easily into a bookshelf, backpack, or handbag.

If you’re looking for a piggy bank that won’t garner any attention in plain view, this is it.

9. Stainless Steel Saving Box and Piggy Bank

This stainless-steel piggy bank is specifically designed for adults. It’s made of high-quality steel and is about 5.9-inches in each dimension.

It was built to last with its anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties, and it’s got a storage capacity of about 4,000 coins and 700 bills at max capacity.

Asides from the open slot available for inserting money, this piggy bank has a combination lock that gives the owner complete control of how accessible their savings is.

This feature also means that instead of having to destroy it once you’ve reached your savings target, you can simply open it, withdraw, lock it again, and ultimately start over at will.

10. Younion Piggy Digital Coin Bank With Counter

What better way to keep track of your savings than with the Younion money-counting piggy bank? This automatically counting piggy bank helps you calculate just how much money you’ve saved over a period of time.

Once you insert your coin into the coin slot on the lid, the LCD screen immediately pops up with the total amount saved thus far in the piggy bank.

This is perfect if you’re saving for something specific and know the price beforehand. You would know exactly when you’re about to hit your savings target with this piggy bank.

Another amazing thing about this piggy is that all US coins are accepted, including half-dollars and full dollar coins.

For some people, just seeing how much money they have saved is all the inspiration they need to keep going towards their goals.

11. Electronic Piggy Bank with Voice Prompt

This one-of-a-kind savings box serves a variety of purposes.

Not only can it recognize the denominations of the currencies inserted into it, but it can also display the total current balance. It comes with a realistic banking card and PIN code setting for you to make deposits and withdrawals.

Who knew banking at home could be so fun?

It features a speech function that allows it to converse with you. It’s got a regular clock, an alarm clock, a balance calculator, a coin recognition function, and an LCD screen display.

The nicest thing about this intelligent ATM deposit and withdrawal machine piggy bank is that you can set a savings goal for it, and it will track your progress and give you encouragement along the way.

And your goal doesn’t have to be limited to how much money you want to save; you can even set a time limit for yourself to reach your goal, and it’ll let you know how you’re doing.

12. Save Challenge Shade Money Jar

Finally, a money jar that gives you the option of choosing your own savings goal and recording progress manually.

That’s right, the save challenge money jar lets you track your progress on your own.

This piggy bank comes designed with progress bubbles and its corresponding monetary denomination. You’ll find its slit opening on its detachable lid. It also comes with a magnetic marker to help you track your savings progress.

The goal is to eventually shade all progress bubbles as you make deposits up to an equivalent of $5,200, although you can technically fit in more.

And because all marks are done with a wipeable marker, it’s infinitely reusable as you can wipe the marks off completely once you’ve reached your savings goal.

Watching these progress bubbles get filled over time is bound to give you a sense of ongoing accomplishment.

Final Thoughts

With these piggy banks, your savings are entirely controlled by you. You get to choose the amount you want to stash away, when you want to save, and how often you wish to save.

If you happen to be the type who loves to watch your savings grow over time, a piggy bank is a perfect option to make savings fun for you. Pair that with a fun piggy bank, and they fun of saving money just continues!

Check out the save $10k in 6 months challenge to go along with your new piggy bank!

Ready to take your first steps? We’re rooting for you.

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