Ring (Doorbot) Net Worth [The Reason Your Packages Are Safe]

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Industry:Smart home security
Net Worth/Valuation:$1 billion
Latest Reported Revenue:$460 million
Year Founded:2012
Public/Private:Publicly traded as RING
Number of Employees:1,300+
Notable Shareholders:Jamie Siminoff, Amazon

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Net Worth of Ring (Doorbot)

Ring, previously known as Doorbot, has an estimated net worth/valuation of roughly $1 billion.

There are numerous ways to value a company, and most of them involve complex calculations, but in the end, a great indicator for the valuation of a company is to see how much it actually gets bought for. In this case, Amazon (AMZN) decided it was worth roughly $1 billion and acquired it for that amount.

In comparison, SimpliSafe is estimated to be worth $1 billion as well.

How Much Does Ring (Doorbot) Earn Per Year?

Ring (Doorbot) earns roughly $460 million per year based on the latest reported revenue.

In comparison, SimpliSafe’s latest revenue is $299.5 million, and Nest’s latest revenue is $726 million.

Doorbot is Best Known For

As it was known as Doorbot at the time, Doorbot is best known for having been pitched on Shark Tank in 2013 and rejected by all potential investors, including Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary. In the Shark Tank pitch, Jamie was requesting funding of $700,000 for a 10% ownership in the company, which implies a $7 million valuation. Amazingly, he was already making a revenue of $1 million per year through Doorbot sales by the time he was pitching the product to Shark Tank. The closest Shark investor to making a deal was Kevin O’Leary, who would give Jamie the $700,000 he asked for, but wanted 10% of all sales up to $700,000, and then still take 7% on all sales in perpetuity (remember, that’s a percentage of revenue, not profits), AND wanted 5% ownership of the company on top of all that. It’s no surprise Jamie turned down the offer, and in hindsight, good thing he did.

Parent Company of Doorbot

It’s no secret that the tech and e-commerce giant Amazon owns Ring after having acquired it for $1 billion from Jamie Siminoff.

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