Seated App Review [My Honest Thoughts]

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Seated is an app that allows you to earn rewards from eating out at select restaurants. The app was released in 2017 and features reward offers of up to 30% for dining, takeout, and delivery.

It’s an easy way for people to get money back for trying out new restaurants or booking at longtime favorites.

In our review below, we’ll walk through what Seated is, how it works, and its pros and cons.

Our review will also provide some helpful tips so you can maximize your earnings through Seated. If you’re ready to learn how to get paid for dining out, keep reading!

What is the Seated app?

Seated is a free app that allows you to earn rewards when you make reservations through the app.

These rewards allow you to earn up to 30% back on your dining, takeout, and delivered meals.

You’re able to make a reservation or place an order through the app, making it easier than ever to earn rewards for dining out.

The app features thousands of great restaurants, with an ever-changing lineup of great options in major U.S. cities across the country. They offer deals for both major chains and local favorites, offering a great variety of options for all occasions.

Not only is the app useful for earning rewards, but it’s great for helping you discover new restaurants to enjoy with friends and family.

Their search feature allows you to pick a spot by price, cuisine, ratings, mood, and more. Many users love this feature because it allows them to discover restaurants they might not have discovered outside of Seated.

Seated also features a concierge service that allows you to make reservations for large events, such as corporate gatherings or large parties.

How does the Seated app work?

Seated is easy to use since all its features can be utilized from its mobile app.

To use the Seated app:

  • Download the app
  • Create an account login using either a Facebook or Google account
  • Verify your mobile number to complete your account registration
  • Browse restaurant options using their search feature
  • Pick a restaurant
  • Book your reservation
  • Show up for your reservation slot and enjoy your dining experience
  • When you’re done eating, pay for the meal like you normally would
  • Take a clear picture of your receipt and upload it into the Seated app

It can take 24 to 48 hours for your rewards to show up. Once the funds are available, you can cash them out with your choice of gift cards.

Note that since the app saves your name and phone number, you don’t need to fill that information out every time you book a table (unlike OpenTable, which requires you to fill out your information every time).

You also don’t have to let the host know you made the reservation through Seated since they will have your name and phone number already.

Make sure to read the reward conditions carefully, since some rewards have a minimum purchase requirement. You don’t need to connect your credit card to your Seated account, but you may be banned from their service if you are a no-show for your reservation (or cancel within 15 minutes of your reserved time).

How does the Seated app make money?

Seated runs on a business model that benefits both the restaurant and the Seated app. Seated charges a flat monthly fee to the restaurant in exchange for a steadier flow of customers that the app helps provide to the restaurant.

They do not charge the customers to make a profit, but only charge restaurants who would like to use their services. Since having seats filled for a discount is much better than empty seats, it is a win-win situation between Seated and participating restaurants.

What cities is the Seated app available in?

Updated April 2023: Seated is currently only available in 4 major U.S. cities:

  • Atlanta
  • Boston
  • Chicago (No Longer Available)
  • Dallas
  • New York City
  • Philadelphia (No Longer Available)

Although they are working on expanding to more locations, this leaves a significant portion of the country unserved.

They also only provide offers for certain restaurants. Some users note that most of these restaurants are fairly high-end and expensive, making it a tougher sell for people who aren’t eating expensive meals out already.

Seated app rewards

Your rewards will be saved in the app. Once you have at least $5 worth of rewards, you can use them to redeem gift cards. Keep in mind that users can only choose gift cards in $5 increments. That means that if you have $12 in available rewards, you can only get a $10 gift card. The remaining balance will remain until you have an increment of $5.

Seated does not offer cash rewards, although their selection of gift cards allows you to choose a gift card you’ll actually use.

They offer gift cards for:

  • Amazon
  • Starbucks
  • Petco
  • iTunes
  • Google
  • Macy’s
  • and many more

Once you choose a gift card, it will take another 24 to 48 hours to process your request and send a gift card code.

Many users choose Amazon gift cards since they can plug the gift card code into their Amazon account to use for their next purchase.

Do I need to spend a minimum amount to earn Seated rewards?

Nope, not for routine rewards. However, if you’re looking to redeem rewards related to promo codes specifically, some of these promos require you to spend at least $20. If so, it’ll be clearly outlined in the promo description. Just be sure to read them carefully to know what you would need to do!

Seated app Rewards Split

(New feature as of June 9, 2022)

You can now split rewards with friends, and you’ve got the freedom to split it in any way you want.

If your friend isn’t a Seated App user yet, no worries. You can send them a link with your very own referral code and you’ll get a referral bonus once they’ve uploaded their very own receipt on the app.

If you’d like, you can split the referral bonus you just got with them 50/50. You can read more about the referral process below.

Seated app referral program

Seated has improved its referral program over the past five years.

Originally, they offered a $5 to $10 reward for each person you referred. However, they now offer different rewards for users. These rewards offer a range of $15 to $35 for each person you refer. You simply obtain a Seated referral code and share it with family and friends!

As an added bonus, the person you refer also receives a reward ranging between $5 and $15 after their first order.

Occasionally, Seated offers bonus rewards to motivate increased referrals. When this happens, you may get as much as $50 for referring a friend through your Seated referral code!

Seated app partner program

After five referrals, you’ll become a Seated Partner. That means you get a 5% bonus on all of your referrals’ meals.

This is an easy way to rack up extra income, especially if your friends use the app regularly. The only caveat is that your friends must download the app with your link and use it at least once.

However, it’s a great way to increase your earnings through this app.

Seated app walk-in

Some restaurants will display a yellow button that says “Walk In” at the bottom left corner.

Generally, walk-ins don’t generate rewards, but if a restaurant is underbooked and you can come in at that moment, they’ll give you rewards for it if you select “walk in”, technically it is still a reservation. Albeit a very last minute reservation that you have to show up to right now.

If you’re feeling up to it, go ahead and click that yellow button and dine in that particular restaurant to claim your reward. After all, filled seats are better than unfilled seats.

How to maximize Seated app rewards

There are two things you should do if you want to maximize your earnings with Seated.

First, you should refer your friends and achieve Seated Partner status as soon as possible. This gives you 5% each time your referred friends purchase through the app in addition to the initial referral rewards.

Second, you should use Seated with other programs that allow you to get rewards for eating out. For example, many users take advantage of airline dining programs, Yelp’s cash-back program, AAdvantage rewards, and credit card programs like the Chase Sapphire Reserve.

Many users can utilize all these programs together to earn 50% or more on their restaurant spending.

To maximize your rewards every time you eat out, check out these 8 best credit cards for dining out.

Pros and cons of the Seated app: The pros


  • Easy to Use. It’s incredibly easy to use Seated. All you have to do is used the Seated app to make restaurant reservations, then take photos of the receipt after your meal. For most Seated users, this only takes a couple of extra minutes, making it an easy way to earn more rewards.
  • Great Referral Bonuses. Their referral program is great. Not only do you get rewards when your friends download the app using your referral link, but you can earn eligibility for their Seated Partner program. This program allows you to get 5% rewards from your friends’ future purchases after you’ve referred five people.
  • Yelp Integration. Seated initially tried to create its own review and rating system. However, user feedback pushed them to integrate Yelp reviews into the app. This allows you to take a look at how visitors on Yelp reviewed the restaurant before you make a reservation. With everything in the Seated app, this is easier than ever.
  • Security. This is a low-risk app to use since it only stores your name, email address, and phone number. You don’t have to connect your credit card or banking information, since the rewards are paid out with digital gift cards.
  • Filter Options & Restaurant Discovery. While the rewards are the biggest draw, many Seated users enjoy using the app to discover new restaurants. Not only can you search for a certain cuisine, but their filters also let you choose a restaurant based on the specific city neighborhood. Since they’re only available in major cities, this is a helpful way to narrow down options based on what’s close to you.

Pros and cons of the Seated app: The cons


  • Eligibility. You must make a reservation for at least two people to meet their eligibility requirements. Additionally, some offers have a minimum purchase amount. Although this varies between locations, the minimum purchase can be quite high.
  • Reservation Times. Most restaurants in Seated only allow you to make reservations at certain times, such as weekdays and afternoons. While some allow you to make reservations during peak business hours, you may be limited to certain reservation slots.
  • Canceled Reservations. Some users also noted that their reservations were canceled if the restaurant became too busy. This can be irritating, especially if you had your heart set on a certain location.
  • No Cash Rewards. Your rewards balance will be paid in gift cards only. Although they offer a wide variety of options, gift cards are still less useful than cash.

Seated app reviews (by real users)

Seated is rated 4.6 stars in the Apple Store and 4.2 stars in the Google Play store.

One of the biggest reasons for the lower Google ratings is the poor app description on that platform. Although the Apple Store lists the cities where the app is available, the Google listing does not. That means many people download the app and sign up, only to discover they cannot use it where they live.

Several reviews also note that Seated often challenges your receipts, making you jump through hoops to get your rewards. While not all users have this experience, enough people have trouble with contested purchases that it’s worth noting.

Check out some real user reviews below:

“I’ve been seeing ads for Seated for quite some time but it looked gimmicky. Now I’m kicking myself because I could have saved so much money. A must for those who eat out and order takeaway.”

“They are consistently adding new restaurants. I love that we can earn rewards for pick-up and delivery orders as well. It’s simple to use and they give your reward really quickly.”

“As a foodie, this app is one of my new favorites. I love trying new restaurants out, and this gives me so much incentive to branch out and try places I normally would not have found.”

“On my very first receipt submission, I was asked to provide additional financial info, reason unspecified. I still submitted it, only to be rejected because it was just outside the 2-week window, despite my original submission being on time.”

Is the Seated app legit?

The Seated app is legit and safe to use. It has bank-level security and proper measures to keep your account safe. Plus, you don’t have to connect your credit card or banking information, since the rewards are paid out with digital gift cards. All they require is your name, email, and phone number.

They legitimated pay-out gift cards and have tons of good reviews as you can see above. If you are a foodie, it is a great app for you to have.

Apps like Seated

Here are some alternatives to the Seated app you might like:

  • iDine
  • Open Table
  • Spotluck
  • HungerPass
  • Hooch
  • MealPal

However, in terms of rewards, none of the above come even close to the Seated app.

Seated vs. OpenTable

The main downside to Seated is the limited cited that the app operates in. OpenTable on the other hand, is available nationwide.

OpenTable offers a set 1,000 points per qualifying reservation, and rewards start at only 2,000 points for a $10 Amazon gift card. Seated rewards you up to 30% of your bill. Depending on the type of restaurant you book and how much you spend, one of these will be more beneficial to you.

Make sure you do your calculations to see which one works out better for you.

In conclusion

Seated is a great way to earn rewards for your restaurant spending. Although the app is only available in a few U.S. cities, it offers great rewards to its users. If you want to offset the expenses of nights out with friends or family, Seated is the app for you!

In summary, we love the Seated App because:

  • It allows you to earn up to 30% back on dining, takeout, and delivered meals
  • You can stack their referral program and even outside programs to save 50%+ on meals
  • You can make reservations or place orders directly through their app
  • They are consistently adding new restaurants to their arsenal
  • You can now split rewards with friends in any way you’d like
  • Gift card reward choices are great and plenty

If you’re itching to try out the Seated App and you live in an area where it operates, go ahead and download the app here!

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