Does Amazon Ship To Saudi Arabia? [How To Do It Right]

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Are you looking for the cheapest way to deliver Amazon orders to Saudi Arabia? Well, you’re in the right place.

We’ll show you all about how to do that and more.

But first, we’ll answer some related questions you might encounter along the way.

Let’s get to it.

Does Amazon ship and deliver products to Saudi Arabia?

Yes, and no. The answer isn’t as straightforward as you might expect. There’s a good chance you’re here because Amazon (US) told you they can’t ship that item you wanted to Saudi Arabia. And although that may be somewhat true for them, it’s not an entirely true statement.

There are ways to ship basically any Amazon (US) item into Saudi Arabia. And we’ll show you how to do that below.

Generally speaking, there are a lot of items that Amazon can ship to Saudi Arabia, and there are a lot that Amazon can’t ship directly. The keyword is “directly.” Ultimately, it depends on the item you’re talking about.

The reasons vary, but oftentimes it has to do with what the receiving country legally allows and disallows Amazon to deliver into their country. Amazon has no choice but to comply if they want to keep doing business in that country.

How do I know exactly what products Amazon can ship to Saudi Arabia?

If you want to figure out whether the item you’re interested can be shipped directly from Amazon to Saudi Arabia, there are a couple of ways:

The first method:

When you’re shopping on Amazon (US), you’ll have to place the item into the cart and check out. When you attempt to ship to Saudi Arabia with a legitimate address, Amazon will tell you whether or not that particular item can be shipped to your selected location.

This may very well be the reason you’re here, as many have found out via this exact process that they couldn’t ship their Amazon item to their desired destination.

The second method:

Shop by using this link here to make things a bit easier.

What this does is it filters out any product that doesn’t ship internationally. This simplifies your shopping because what you see is what you can buy and actually ship out. Products that can’t be shipped out internationally won’t show up on any of your search results within Amazon.

To make it work 100% for your intended destination, you’ll need to have the address you’d like your items sent to designated as the preferred address on Amazon’s system.

Go to Your Purchase Preferences on your Amazon account and enable 1-Click Settings via the following:

  1. Click on “Add Address” and input the address you’d like to ship the item to if you haven’t already.
  2. Find the “Related” section and click on “1-Click Settings”.
  3. At the top right of the page, enable 1-Click for your browser by clicking on the toggle icon.
  4. Make sure your desired address is set as your default.

If you did this correctly, your Amazon International Shopping page should work correctly.

It will filter out any orders that can’t ship out to your desired address in Saudi Arabia.

What if the item I want shipped to Saudi Arabia is only found on Amazon (US)?

If you’ve already had your eyes set on an item, and you realize that it doesn’t show up or cannot be shipped directly from Amazon using the above methods, don’t worry.

You can still ship those items via a package forwarder. We’ll explain how shortly below.

But before that, let’s take a look at how much it costs to ship an Amazon package directly via AmazonGlobal versus a package forwarder.

How much does it cost to ship an Amazon package to Saudi Arabia?

Shipping directly using Amazon’s service is almost always the cheaper method, so be sure to utilize their shipping service whenever possible.

Keep in mind that since it’s international shipping, it’s subject to being inspected by customs in Saudi Arabia. This can be a huge source of delay and packages may not arrive for up to a month, sometimes longer, depending on how quickly and efficiently customs can process it. It causes massive headaches for many customers, but unfortunately once an Amazon item arrives at customs, it’s out of their control.

Furthermore, every country has their own customs taxes and/or fees, so be sure to check on any additional taxes or fees your recipient might have to pay to get your package through customs. The best way to verify this is to check the country’s customs website or to get in touch with the customs office regarding this information.

How much does it cost to ship an Amazon package to Saudi Arabia via a package forwarder?

On the other hand, if the item you’re looking to buy cannot be directly shipped out from an Amazon warehouse, then the next cheapest option is a package forwarder. Keep in mind though, that not all package forwarders are created equal.

Some package forwarding services are cheaper than others, and they may utilize different methods of pricing your item to ship out to Saudi Arabia. They may either charge by box dimensions, weight, or some other array of factors.

Check out Planet Express’s Postage Calculator to get the latest shipping prices to Saudi Arabia.

Remember though, you still have to pay any pertinent shipping costs to get the item to the package forwarding company so that they can ship it out for you.

However, since it’ll be domestic shipping, you can opt for the free Prime shipping option to get it there if it applies.

How do I use a package forwarder to ship an Amazon order to Saudi Arabia?

Sending a package via a package forwarding company is relatively straightforward, as they all entail the same general process. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Sign up with a package forwarding company of your choice.
  2. Take note of the personal address they give you to send your package to. It should not be a PO box, but a full U.S. mailing address. Some companies will give it to you for free, while others will charge for this. Planet express gives it to you for free, for example.
  3. Shop on Amazon for your items and check out with the mailing address given by your package forwarder. Feel free to use Prime shipping for this if applicable.
  4. Once your package forwarder receives the Amazon item, you should get notification via email. Some services will allow you to get photos of the box or even the content inside so that you can confirm the condition of the item(s) when they receive it. You may be charged a fee for this, so check this beforehand.
  5. If you’ve ordered multiple items in multiple packages, some companies give you the option to consolidate boxes to save a bit more on shipping.
  6. Confirm that you would like to ship the item and input the desired destination for your package.
  7. Make payment. Include insurance if you’d like.
  8. You’ll get notification once it’s been shipped out, as well as a tracking number to be able to track the package en route to its destination.

That’s all there is to it. There will be some minor variations between companies, but that’s the gist of it.

What package forwarding company works best with Amazon and why? (Planet Express)

We recommend using Planet Express due to their transparency and prices. You can simply use their Postage Calculator to see how much their shipping is prior to buying your item. Amazon’s products should always have weight and dimensions listed, so it’s easy to input the numbers you need.

Let’s compare some of their shipping option prices. You’ll see that you’ve got a wide array of choices.

We know from our above example that the cheapest option via Planet Mail costs:

  • $14.83 USD (plus optional insurance for $2.15)

The next option which uses the shipping agency Postal Office costs:

  • $15.93 USD (plus optional insurance for $2.17)

Even though overall, it costs slightly more, the speed is much faster at 10-12 business days instead of Planet Mail’s 20-28 business days.

If you decide to use the shipping agencies FedEx and DHL with the Planet Express service, it’s significantly more expensive at:

  • $60+ USD (insurance is included)

But the delivery times are way faster at 1-3 business days and 3-4 business days respectively.

As you can see, you’ve got lots of great and reputable options when you use the Planet Express service to forward your Amazon package to Saudi Arabia.

How long does it take for Amazon to deliver to Saudi Arabia via AmazonGlobal?

It generally takes 3-4 weeks to ship an item to Saudi Arabia, depending on whether customs in Saudi Arabia gets involved and to what extent they get involved.

How long does it take Planet Express to deliver to Saudi Arabia?

Planet Express is similar if you decide to use Planet Mail as your shipping agency, as they take 20-28 business days to ship to Saudi Arabia. However, they have other shipping agency options in their service with shipping times ranging from 1-12 business days.

Can you use Amazon Prime to ship to Saudi Arabia?

If you are buying an Amazon (US) product that’s eligible to ship to Saudi Arabia, you won’t have the option to ship via Prime, but rather, it’ll be shipped via AmazonGlobal.

However, if you’re using a package forwarding company, you can use Amazon Prime to ship the item to their headquarters before they forward it out to the intended destination.

Does Amazon offer free shipping to Saudi Arabia?

Unfortunately, Amazon does not currently offer free shipping to Saudi Arabia.

Is it easy to ship packages to Saudi Arabia?

Shipping packages to Saudi Arabia can be relatively straightforward, but there are some important considerations to keep in mind to ensure a smooth process. Here are some key points to consider when shipping packages to Saudi Arabia:

  1. Customs Regulations: Before shipping anything to Saudi Arabia, it’s crucial to be aware of the country’s customs regulations. Certain items may be restricted or prohibited from import, and you must comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Make sure to check with the Saudi Arabian customs authorities or your shipping carrier for the latest information on prohibited items and import restrictions.
  2. Shipping Documentation: Prepare all the necessary shipping documentation accurately. This includes a detailed description of the contents of the package, its value, and the reason for shipping. Proper documentation will help avoid delays and customs-related issues.
  3. Shipping Carriers: Choose a reputable shipping carrier with experience in international shipping to Saudi Arabia. Different carriers may offer varying levels of service, transit times, and shipping costs. Compare options and select the one that best meets your needs.
  4. Packaging: Ensure that your package is securely and appropriately packed to withstand international shipping. Fragile items should be packaged with adequate cushioning, and the box should be sealed properly.
  5. Address Format: Use the correct address format for Saudi Arabia. Include the recipient’s name, street address, city, postal code, and country. Double-check for any errors to avoid delivery issues.
  6. Tracking and Insurance: Whenever possible, opt for shipping services that provide tracking and insurance. Tracking allows you and the recipient to monitor the package’s progress, while insurance provides financial protection in case of loss or damage during transit.
  7. Delivery Time: Be aware that international shipping to Saudi Arabia may take some time. Delivery times can vary depending on the shipping method and the distance between the origin and destination.
  8. Duties and Taxes: The recipient of the package may be responsible for paying customs duties and taxes upon its arrival in Saudi Arabia. Be sure to inform the recipient of this possibility to avoid any surprises.

Can I send an Amazon gift card to someone in Saudi Arabia?

Even though Amazon is available in many countries around the world, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Amazon gift cards can be bought for and used in that country.

Take a look at the following list and see if your country is included:

  • United States (
  • Australia (
  • Austria (
  • Brazil (
  • Canada (
  • Czech Republic (
  • China (Update: Amazon removed itself from the Chinese market in 2019)
  • Egypt (
  • Europe (
  • France (
  • Germany (
  • India (
  • Italy (
  • Japan (
  • Kuwait (
  • Mexico (
  • Netherlands (
  • Poland (
  • Saudi Arabia (
  • Spain (
  • Singapore (
  • Sweden (
  • Turkey (
  • United Arab Emirates (
  • United Kingdom (

If your desired country is on the list, you can buy a gift card for someone in that country. Keep in mind that the language may change when you get to that country’s Amazon site, so you may have to be able to read that country’s language to be able to purchase a gift card.

How do I purchase and send an Amazon gift card to someone in Saudi Arabia?

When you’re ready to purchase a gift card, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Go to the respective URL listed above for your country’s Amazon site.
  • Log in with your usual account credentials.
  • Click on “Gift Cards” on the top menu bar.
  • You’ll be directed to a page where you’ll find lots of designs to choose from.
  • Choose one and click on the gift card you’d like to purchase.
  • Personalize the gift card with any information you’d like.
  • Be sure to choose the correct dollar amount for the correct currency you wish to send it in.
  • Type in the email address you’d like the gift card sent to and when you’d like it to be delivered.
  • Preview how the gift card will be sent and make sure you’re happy with it.
  • Click on “Add to cart” or “Buy now”.
  • Review, finalize, and click on “Place your order and pay”.
  • You’ll be asked to input your password once more for security purposes.
  • That’s it! You’ll receive email confirmation and the gift card will be digitally delivered on the date you specified.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to ship out an Amazon package to Saudi Arabia, it’s totally possible. Be sure to see if your items qualify to be shipped out via AmazonGlobal, and if not, check out package forwarders like Planet Express. They have very reasonable prices and a good number of shipping options to choose from. It’s that easy!

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