Steve Harvey Net Worth 2023 [The Family Feud Icon]

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Net Worth:$225 million
Profession/Career:TV Host, Comedian
YouTube Channel:The Official Steve Harvey (@SteveHarvey)
College:Kent State University and West Virginia University
Major/Degree:Dropped out
Full Name:Broderick Stephen Harvey
Date of Birth (Age):January 17, 1957 (66 years old)
Place of Birth:Welch, West Virginia
Height:6 ft 1 in

Frequently associated with

  • Family Feud
  • Celebrity Family Feud
  • The Steve Harvey Morning Show
  • The Miss Universe Competition

Net Worth of Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $225 million.

Steve Harvey has made the majority of his net worth through his television hosting. Although he started off as a stand-up comedian, he’s made a vast amount of money hosting Family Feud and Celebrity Feud, which are a couple of his biggest moneymakers.

Steve Harvey has been doing these roles since 2010, so time has been on his side in amassing a fortune and building his net worth.

However, he has also created his own company called Steve Harvey Global (SHG), in which he has invested his hard-earned money from television into producing even more quality film content.

SVG’s first release was Think Like A Man Too which grossed over $90 million at the box office and has contributed a significant portion to his overall net worth as well.

Steve Harvey has also written a few books, most notably Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, a book he write about relationships, intimacy and commitments.

How much does Steve Harvey earn per year?

Steve Harvey earns roughly $40 million per year.

He gets paid roughly $10 million a year for Family Feud and roughly $20 million through his radio show The Steve Harvey Morning Show.

His other sources of income include:

  • SHG films and shows
  • The Steve Harvey Collection (a JCPenney line of clothing)
  • Real estate investments

How much does Steve Harvey earn per episode?

Steve Harvey is estimated to earn roughly $100,000 per episode.

And it’s well-earned. He arguably single-handedly made the game show the household phenomenon it is today. He became the host of Family Feud when the show was on its way down.

When Steve Harvey took over as host, the show shot up in popularity and got rated among the top 10 daytime television programs. In 2015, it went on to surpass both Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy as being the most watched game show on television.

How much does Steve Harvey earn on social media?

Currently Steve Harvey has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram. His engagement rate isn’t super great at 0.15% though.

On Instagram, you can make anywhere from $2 to $6 per thousand followers for a post, depending on the user, niche, and engagement rate. Steve Harvey as an A-lister likely gets paid closer to the higher end at $6 per 1K followers per post. Taking this into account, we estimate that he gets paid roughly $7,200 per post.

On top of that, he can take on brand deals in addition to sponsored posts, which nets him extra income and boosts his net worth.

Additionally, Steve Harvey has a YouTube channel by the name of The Official Steve Harvey in which he currently has over 2.12 million subscribers.

YouTube channels make between $3 to $5 per 1,000 views. Let’s take the midpoint of that at $4.

Steve Harvey has had his channel since 2008 and currently has over 268 million views thus far. With that view count, he has made over $1 million from YouTube ad revenue alone.

Did Steve Harvey grow up rich or poor?

Steve Harvey grew up extremely poor. He was born in West Virginia and his father was a coal miner who eventually lost his job as the industry dwindled. They moved to a farm in Cleveland, Ohio and made a bit of money through that, but it was still a very modest income.

As Steve Harvey got older, he worked various jobs including as a mechanic, an insurance salesperson, a mailman, and a carpet cleaner. At one point, he became homeless for three whole years and lived in his car. Eventually, through grit and perseverance, he worked his way into the television industry and the rest is history.

List of Shows Steve Harvey Had

Steve Harvey, the American comedian, actor, and television personality, has had a notable career in the entertainment industry. Here is a list of shows in which Steve Harvey has had significant involvement:

The Steve Harvey Show (1996-2002) – A sitcom where Steve Harvey starred as Steve Hightower, a former funk musician turned high school teacher.

Steve Harvey’s Big Time Challenge (2003-2005) – A reality talent show hosted by Steve Harvey, featuring performers from various disciplines competing for a chance to win a cash prize.

Steve Harvey’s Big Time (2003-2005) – A television variety show hosted by Steve Harvey, featuring comedy sketches, musical performances, and interviews with celebrity guests.

Family Feud (2010-present) – Steve Harvey became the host of the popular game show, bringing his unique comedic style and engaging personality to the series.

The Steve Harvey Talk Show (2012-2017) – A daytime talk show hosted by Steve Harvey, featuring celebrity interviews, lifestyle segments, and discussions on various topics.

Little Big Shots (2016-2019) – Steve Harvey served as the host of this family-friendly talent show, showcasing the skills and talents of young performers from around the world.

Celebrity Family Feud (2015-present) – Steve Harvey hosts the celebrity edition of the popular game show, where famous personalities and their families compete for charity.

Steve Harvey’s Funderdome (2017) – A reality competition series hosted by Steve Harvey, where inventors pitch their unique products to a live studio audience who votes on the best idea.

Steve Harvey’s Wife

Steve Harvey has been married three times. Steve Harvey’s first marriage was to Marcia Harvey. They got married in 1980 and were together for 14 years before divorcing in 1994. They have three children together: twin daughters named Brandi and Karli, and a son named Broderick Steve Jr.

After his divorce from Marcia, Steve Harvey married Mary Shackelford in 1996. Their marriage lasted for nine years before they divorced in 2005. They have one son together named Wynton.

Steve Harvey’s current and third wife is Marjorie Bridges-Woods. They tied the knot in 2007 and have been together ever since. Marjorie had three children from her previous relationships: Morgan, Jason, and Lori. Steve Harvey became a stepfather to them, and he has referred to them as his own children.

In July of 2023, Steve and Marjorie celebrated their 16 anniversary and each posted a special anniversary clip to their social media accounts.

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