Fat, Lean, Coast, & Barista FIRE [Early Retirement is for Everyone]

Retirement is like a never-ending vacation. You can’t wait to get there, and you’re perhaps thinking you no longer want to wait until you’re 65 to retire. However, you don’t know how to retire earlier. So, what’s the secret to early retirement? Well, it’s Financial Independence, Early Retirement (FIRE). The concept of FIRE was inspired … Read more

Retiring at 55 [What You Need to Know]

Retiring early: it’s a lot more common than you might think. Even those who love their careers and what they do often dream of calling it quits to pursue other goals and interests earlier than the usual retirement age. The desire to travel and see the world is a frequently touted reason. Unfortunately, the economy … Read more

Is Saving Money For Losers? [Or The Opposite?]

One of the most basic and frequently repeated pieces of financial advice is to save money. Saving money can be seen as a major tenet of good financial sense. Your parents possibly made saving money for a rainy day a huge part of your upbringing.  Despite knowing that saving money is necessary, many of us … Read more

Your Money Should Double Every 7 Years [Einstein Said So]

One of the most promising paths to wealth is through investment vehicles. Depending on one’s risk tolerance, there are many different investment options, namely, short-term and long-term. Generally speaking, long-term investments serve many purposes, but it also attracts the risk-averse as there tends to be far less risk involved. Whichever type of investment is chosen, … Read more

Does the 4% Rule Work? [You’re Missing the Point]

Have you ever wondered if there was a rule to follow when it comes to how much to save for retirement? Here’s some good news: there is a highly-revered guideline that goes by the name of the 4% rule. The 4% rule is quite popular, and a hotly debated topic for good reason; it’s a … Read more