Fundrise [An Honest Review]

We’ve covered Yieldstreet, so today we’ll be taking a left turn and covering Fundrise. Fundrise is a huge company with many great reviews. On the other hand, Yieldstreet is a similar company with lots of negative talk about it. What gives? They’re both quite similar on paper, and they’re both supposedly able to take any … Read more

Why Yieldstreet Is So Controversial [An Honest Review]

High yields? Great. Subpar yields? Forgiveable. Complete defaults leading to total loss of investment? Now that’s something I’d have to think about. And it’s not like I would completely dismiss it as a possible opportunity. Far from it. I’d just have to know that the potential for an extremely high return on investment is there … Read more

Vinovest Review [Why It May Not Be Worth It]

Vinovest makes it possible to invest in wine without being uber-rich. What I mean by that is they take care of all the logistics that are involved in wine investing, things that would normally cost you money just to operate. You don’t need to have your own dedicated storage facility, 24/7 chilling, or insurance for … Read more [An Honest Review]

It’s an interesting concept, quite a revolutionary one in fact. Masterworks’ main selling point is that you as an average Joe can participate in art investing, once an investment that was particularly exclusive to the uber-wealthy, by buying up fractional shares in artwork. Quite simple, yet it changes everything about the entire industry. Is it … Read more

Dream America [An Honest Review]

If you’ve been on the market for a home but have been stuck renting because you don’t qualify the traditional way, there are other ways to speed up your path to homeownership. These programs aren’t super well known because when people get rejected for a mortgage, well, they often assume there are no other ways … Read more

Don’t Let Inflation Ruin Your Investments [Here’s How]

The inflation we’re facing nowadays is a scary thing. Not only is it something we haven’t dealt with as Americans since several decades ago, but we’re kind of in a rock and a hard place with the choices the Fed can implement to deal with it. However, there are things we can learn and do … Read more

What is a Roth Contributory IRA? [Should You Start One?]

Most people have heard of a Roth IRA. However, there is a variation on it that goes by the name Roth Contributory IRA and isn’t as well known. Can it help you? Should you care about it? In this post, we’ll be taking a look at what exactly a Roth Contributory IRA is and whether … Read more

Retiring at 55 [What You Need to Know]

Retiring early: it’s a lot more common than you might think. Even those who love their careers and what they do often dream of calling it quits to pursue other goals and interests earlier than the usual retirement age. The desire to travel and see the world is a frequently touted reason. Unfortunately, the economy … Read more

Doorvest [An Honest Review]

Doorvest is a company that believes you should reach financial independence. They encourage this by allowing you to invest with them in an asset class that’s usually reserved for wealthier folks, that is, real estate. What is their real estate of choice? Single-family rental homes. Now if that’s something that piques your interest, we’re here … Read more