Universal Studios Net Worth [100 Years Of Entertainment]

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Industry:Movie Production, Theme Park
Net Worth/Valuation:$7 billion
Latest Reported Revenue:$714 million (2021)
Year Founded:1912
Public/Private Company:Public, traded under CMCSA (Comcast)
Number of Employees:30,000+
Notable Shareholders:Comcast Corp, NBCUniversal

Frequently Associated With

  • Disney
  • Warner Bros
  • Sony/Columbia
  • Lionsgate
  • Paramount
  • Fox (owned by Disney)

Net Worth of Universal Studios

Universal Studios/Pictures valuation and net worth is estimated to be roughly $7 billion.

It is one of Hollywood’s Big Six studios, and its net worth reflects that. In terms of domestic movies market share, they are second right behind Disney. Universal holds between 10-20% of the domestic movie market share, with Disney leading at slightly more than 30% of market share.

Universal was actually the top movie studio of the year in 2015, but they have since lost that spot to Disney since 2016, and it’s easy to see why. Their MCU Universe has raked in tons of revenue, and they were able to make great money off of Star Wars. Additionally, they’ve had some good Pixar films and have been remaking their classics, one of which was The Lion King. No wonder Universal lost their spot. Still, they are a great movie studio in their own right, and may make a comeback now that Disney is in a transitioning phase with their Marvel franchise.

Universal Studios Earnings

Universal Studios has made over 300 movies and has done over $40 billion in box office sales around the world. In the year 2021, Universal Studios Hollywood alone did about $4.2 billion.

If we’re looking at Universal’s box office revenue from the US and Canada, we get the following:

  • 2021: $714 million
  • 2020: $487 million
  • 2019: $1.3 billion
  • 2018: $1.7 billion
  • 2017: $1.5 billion
  • 2016: $1.4 billion
  • 2015: $2.4 billion

Keep in mind this is only from box office sales. Clearly you can see that their sales have taken a great hit since Covid-19 but may recover in the following years. We’ll see if they do.

Parent Company of Universal Studios

Universal Studios is owned by NBCUniversal Film and Entertainment, which is in turn owned by Comcast.

About the Founders of Universal Studios

Universal Studios was founded in 1912 and is the oldest active film studio in the US. Its founders include:

  • Adam Kessel
  • Carl Laemmle
  • Charles Baumann
  • David Horsley
  • Jules Brulatour
  • Mark Dintenfass
  • Pat Powers
  • Robert Cochrane
  • William Swanson

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